Sweets & Desserts

Indian Sweets & Desserts:

Atte ka sheera ~ Wholewheat halwa

Badam Katli ~ Almond rolled cookies [GFCF]

Broken Wheat (Dalia) and Almond Porridge

Chakra pongal ~ Sweet rice and lentil dish [Tambrahm recipe][GFCF]

Fruit chaat ~ Tropical fruit salad

Gaajar ka halwa with soy milk [GFCF]

Gaajar ka halwa with vanaspati and cashew paste [GFCF], please replace vanaspati with non-hydrogenated vegan butter/margarine

Gujiya ~ Indian pastry puffs

Kaju Barfi ~ cashew candy [GFCF]

Kheer ~ Indian sweet porridge / payasam

Maalaado ~ Laddoo made with roasted gram flour [GFCF] – please replace vanaspati with non-hydrogenated vegan butter/margarine

Mix fruit ~ A fruit smoothie with fruit chunks!

Paruppu Pradaman ~ Rice, lentil and jaggery porridge [Kerala recipe][GFCF]

Rasgulla ~ GF Bengali sweet

Sugiyan ~ Sweet, fried, gluten free dumpling [Tambrahm recipe][GFCF]

Sweet rice  crepes [Fusion recipe] [GFCF]

Zaffrani pulao ~ Zarda ~ Meethe chaawal ~ Saffron rice

Sweets/Cookies/Cakes/Desserts from other Cuisines:

Almond cookies

Almond piped cookies ~ Mandelsritzgeback [German recipe]

Apple crumble pie – GFCF [My recipe]

Apricot Ice Cream [GFCF]

Apricot Mousse Cake or a Verrine [GFCF friendly]

Banana cake

Berry Semifreddo

Black Plum Tartes Tatin

Brownies ~ My first!

Bundt Cakes – Orange, Orange and mango

Carrot Cake, not gluten free

Carrot cake [GFCF]

Cheesecake Brownies ~ Vegan

Cherry tart – Thin Crust, [GFCF] [My recipe]

Chocolate cake – Almost vegan, rich and moist

Chocolate cake-ganache truffles [GFCF friendly]

Chocolate cake with strawberry cream frosting [Grain-free][GFCF]

Chocolate crinkles

Chocolate Pudding ~ No cook tofu version {GFCF]

Chocolate Pudding

Christmas pudding ~ Fat free

Cinnamon Cognac Truffles [GFCF]

Cocoa Orange Cup Cakes [GFCF, Nut free]

Coconut Cake Rustic

Fig kuchen ~ A German Crumb cake

Fig rolls ~ Anjeer rolls Fat free [GFCF]

Light Fruit Cake

Mango banana frangipane tart

Mango-macadamia cheesecake [GFCF]

Mango Soup ~ Raw Vegan [GFCF]

Mulberry ice cream [GFCF]

Musk melon soup [GFCF]

Pear and plum cake with hazelnuts

Puff pastry – Savory, Sweet and Plain versions

Rum black Christmas cake

Sponge cake [My recipe for the perfect vegan version]

Strawberry bundt cake

Strawberry ice cream

Strawberry verrines

Summer Fruit Tartlets

Thai Mango Sticky Rice Pudding ~ Khao Niaow Ma Muang [GFCF]

Walnut Brownies



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