[Photographed by Jr.H, in late 2010]

I am Harini.  I develop nutrient rich recipes, style food, photograph and write.

At various stages – or ages – I wanted  to be many different persons – cowherd, detective, artist, scuba diver, nurse, nun, physicist, wizard, Mary Poppins or Wendy.  I am not any one of these persons.

I never thought I would cook food, photograph, write about it. I actually love this whole process though it gets pretty taxing at times.

Making delicious goodies makes me feel like a good witch or a magician of sorts.  Trying different cooking techniques, experiencing the strange chemistry of flavours, combining ingredients and creating delicious food, while keeping it nutrient rich intrigues, interests and delights me.  The process of styling and photography, while keeping the food organic and edible opens up the artist in me.

Tongue Ticklers

Tongue Ticklers was born out of the blue one night in 2008 without any prior planning or thought.  It is my place to share stories and recipes that support a peaceful and sustainable way of living.

TT records my journey from being a lacto-ovo-vegetarian (a vegetarian diet inclusive of eggs and dairy) to becoming a vegan.  A lot of my initial posts are anecdotal narratives.  I find that every dish I love is linked to a beautiful memory, and that made me realise that good food is not about the amount of sugar, spice or fat.  It is about creating happy memories.  I strive to share recipes that are pleasantly memorable.


I chose the moniker when my kids were really young and I thought it was cool. I would tell them stories, modulate my voice and act out parts.  In time the kids grew up and these days I am often frazzled. I cling on to the moniker.

My food philosophy and a little more about the recipes on the site

Food is a vital need and must nourish and fuel.  By that I mean that food should essentially be nutrient rich, organic, edible, and free from any additives.  Vegan.  Gluten-free. Healthy.  Simple. Delicious. Memorable.  Most recipes in the blog fall in this category.

A part of me loves working with gluten.  On the days I roll up my sleeves and am dusted in flour, giving in to the joy of kneading and baking breads – please bear with me.

My father served in the Government and we shifted places almost every year. We had a ‘bawarchi’ or a local cook to work in the kitchen.  My parents married at an early age and my mother learnt a variety of vegetarian dishes from local cuisines wherever we went.  Though I was not much of a help to the cook or my mother, I absorbed knowledge about authentic flavours and regional cuisines.  A lot of my recipes stem from childhood memories.  In school we would eat in small groups and share food.  Some of my fondest food memories are dishes I sampled from lunch boxes. I am a movie buff, and many of my cooking adventures are inspired from memorable food scenes. Over time I have learnt to cook and enjoy Italian, Middle Eastern, and South East Asian foods.

I  often use locally available ingredients and adapt these in global cuisines.

My photography gear

Canon 7D with a 50mm 1.4f prime, an 85mm prime 2.8, 24-70mm and a 24-105mm.

Sony alpha 7 used with canon lenses using a sigma adapter.

Prints and photographs

If you like a photograph and are interested in using it please write to me. I am also available to style and photograph as per your preference, as long as the food is plant-based.

How to receive updates from the site

You can subscribe to the RSS feed, using a reader of your choice or you can fill the email subscription facility offered on the sidebar. Your email id is safe and will not be displayed or shared with any third person.  You will receive updates whenever I publish a new post.  I would really like it even better if you could visit my blog and offer your comments.  The site does look so much prettier than the feed!

You can also follow me on facebook, twitter or pinterest where I post links to all updates.

Social networking

I read each and every mail and respond within a week, so do shoot queries if you have any doubts regarding the recipes or the site.  The easiest way to connect with me is on my facebook page.  I am also an avid pinner.

Advertisements and sponsors

I am interested in advertising cruelty-free and vegan products.  I am also open to product reviews as long they are plant based/cruelty-free.  Please contact me by email.

Comment policy

I do not tolerate use of vulgar language,  comments made with an intent to promote brands, products or sites. Please do not add links.

Copyright information

The logo, design and content in the blog are my property, unless otherwise noted.  Credit, where due is accorded.

No part of the content, logo or design may be duplicated, copied, or reproduced including photographs, articles, or material, without the express permission of the owner (that’s me).  Links to my articles are welcome provided my name and the title of the article is mentioned explicitly along with a hyperlink. All material in this blog is copyright protected.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, modification, republishing, duplicating, uploading, posting, or transmitting any material on this blog through print or electronic media is prohibited and legal action will be initiated if such activity is noticed.  All rights reserved.


I am not a qualified nutritionist or dietician, and cannot offer professional advise.

As the owner I reserve the right to modify, change, or add to these policies at any time.


sunshinemomsblog [at] gmail [dot] com

harini [at] tongueticklers [dot] com

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