I am Harini.  I cook traditional foods and develop original or improvised nutrient rich recipes. I also style, photograph and write all the posts. I have many interests and hobbies – reading, photography, travelling, observing birds, crochet, embroidery, watching crime and thriller movies and series – cooking is one such, and that is how it will always remain.

Of late, though I have been cooking a lot of stuff that’s not on the blog, I have not been updating. I have lost that mojo and am floating un-encumbered these days and the feeling is not going to go away soon. 🙂

Tongue Ticklers

Tongue Ticklers was born out of the blue one night in 2008 without any prior planning or thought.  It began as a space to share food and food-stories.

Vegan.  Mostly gluten-free. Healthy.  Simple. Mostly made from scratch. Delicious and memorable. That is how the food on this site is. I  often use locally available ingredients, usually organic, and adapt these in global cuisines.

I absolutely love working with flour. Especially refined flour because of the gluten even though we indulge rarely. Hence a smattering of recipes that cannot be termed healthy.

My recipes stem from childhood or adult memories and therefore my posts are in the form of anecdotal narratives. A delicious meal is no doubt well remembered but it is the good times and the company that make it memorable. In school we would eat in small groups and share food.  Some of my fondest food memories are dishes I sampled from lunch boxes. I am a movie buff which explains why many of my cooking adventures are inspired from movie sequences and such. Over time I have learnt to cook and enjoy Italian, Middle Eastern, and South East Asian foods.


I chose the moniker when my kids were really young (2008 seems long back…) and I thought it was cool. I would tell them stories, modulate my voice and act out parts.  My fledgelings are adults now but I love that moniker. 🙂 Ah! How I laugh now. 😀

My photography gear

Sony alpha 7 used with canon lenses using a sigma adapter. I currently am using a 50mm 1.4f prime, and a 24-105mm.

I have used canon 350D (broke), 7D (disposed) and 5D Mk. II (passed on to my daughter) in the past. I am actually very happy with the transition. The Sony fits into my palm like a snug glove and it works as well as Canon. I use adobe lightroom to do some minimal editing and have been experimenting with VSCO film.

I  take up projects provided they are paid, I have the time and I know I can do justice to. I love capturing people and emotions apart from food.

Prints and photographs

If you like a photograph and are interested in using it please write to me.


Social networking

The easiest way to connect with me is on my facebook page.  I am also an avid pinner. I am not much of a digital socializer but respond to queries and comments regularly.

Comment policy

Any doubts, queries, discussions can be addressed with reference to the specific post on my facebook page. I am not active on social media but I do look in at the end of the day – generally. I encourage discussion as long as it is stimulating and related to the topic. I do not tolerate vulgarity or rudeness.

Copyright information

The logo, design and content in the blog are my property, unless otherwise noted.  Credit, where due is accorded.

No part of the content, logo or design may be duplicated, copied, or reproduced including photographs, articles, or material, without the express permission of the owner (that’s me).  Links to my articles are welcome provided my name and the title of the article is mentioned explicitly along with a hyperlink. All material in this blog is copyright protected.  Unauthorised copying, reproduction, modification, republishing, duplicating, uploading, posting, or transmitting any material on this blog through print or electronic media is prohibited and legal action will be initiated if such activity is noticed.  All rights reserved.


I am not a qualified nutritionist or dietician, and any information on the site should not be treated on par with professional advise.

As the owner I reserve the right to modify, change, or add to these policies at any time.


sunshinemomsblog [at] gmail [dot] com

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