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Why are subscribers important to a blog?

Subscribers become important when the author of the blog is passionate and is trying to spread a message.  In this case, I try to spread love for nature, for animals and for good health.  I would love to reach people all over and tell them that its easy to create delicious food without resorting to white evils – sugar, milk and refined flour

If you find my writing honest and interesting, I request that you subscribe.  By subscribing to my blog you give it better visibility.  Content is king, but google will not list my blog in its first page unless I have many hits, regular visits, readers and subscribers.  Only you, my readers can help me stay there and help me take across my message.

Some blogs offer free subscriptions while others might ask you to register.  TT belongs to the former category.  Our updates are free, and we hope to keep it this way.

But why are you on facebook and twitter? 

Facebook, twitter and G+ are the face of the author.  It is a place where you see my human side, where I can respond to your queries and how you boost my ‘image’.  But RSS and email subscriptions are the actual ‘lifeline’.  They are what decide whether I stay on google’s pages and alexa’s rankings.  Whenever you read my posts completely, I know that I have not ‘bounced’ any of you.  If you had to bounce off the blog, please let me know why.  I am always willing to see your side, hear you and better myself.

From my links on social networking sites, you will only find posts I link there.  Subscription assures that everything reaches your inbox or preferred reader, as soon as I publish.

What is a reader?

Major email service providers like google, yahoo, rediff etc., have provision for a reader.  Look up under ‘more’ in google or just search for google reader.  The left hand side of the reader summarizes the blogs you have subscribed to, and when you click on it, the right hand side opens up the brief or full length post.

Despite that, I always request readers to visit the site.  I do that because your visiting the site means a ‘hit’ for the site.

There are two ways to subscribe to the posts on this blog:

1.  Receiving our posts in your inbox:

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