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  1. Drool… I would love to have that bottle of hot chocolate.. Looks so delicious.. Being at home with a break from office is actually no break. you tend to get more busier than what you already are! But it is fun though. I remember when I was working I used to tell my friends after a vacation that coming to office gave me some rest. Atleast I get to sit at a place continuously! How I miss those days with office colleagues! Have fun

  2. Hi Harini! Forst time on your blog and I think it is awesome!! The pics are so tempting. Was going to start on my almond milk project and landed on your recipe 🙂 Just a tiny question, there is no need to soak the almonds overnight? Thanks – swarna

  3. Thank you, Swarna, for your kind words and also for pointing out a relevant omission to me. I missed out on writing that the almonds need to be soaked, and I am rectifying it now.

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