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  1. That is so sweet of him to make the sauce. And wishing you a speedy recovery from flu.

  2. Thanks Finla. I am going to work tomorrow. Almost recovered.

  3. Ms. Ananya Swaminathan Iyer

    very nice picture. Looks vwry yummy.I my self is a tamil Vadama Iyer brahmin from Palakkad.

  4. Dr. Gayathri Iyer Choudhory

    Hi Harini, I am also a Tamil Vadama Iyer Brahmin from Mahaganapathi agraharam,Thanjavur district.I have married a bengali bram.As now I am pregnant,my husband wastelling that he want’s to prepare som Tambram Food.then my sister in law Mrs Malavika Krishnan told me about this site and thank you very much for that

  5. Thanks to Mrs. Malavika Krishnan. I hope your husband finds the dishes easy to prepare, and that you enjoy it. Best wishes for a safe and happy pregnancy to both of you.

  6. I do not know whether I am vadama or not! Must ask about that. 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Hi Iam Sukumar, an ameture cooking husband. Appreciate if anyone can give me the recipe of sweet jeera which goes well with Idiappam.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


  8. Hi Sukumar,

    I am not aware of that recipe. Sorry! Now, I must find out what that is.

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