Video – How to make kaaju barfi (Vegan cashew candy squares)

When Harsha was here, we did many videos together, with my son sometimes chipping in as an assistant to hold the umbrella over the light source. 🙂

One of the most popular recipes on tongueticklers is kaaju barfi.  Many of you have made it and shared it virtually with me.  I also received requests to post a video as the concept of Indian sweets can be tough to understand as we do not use temperature scales to specify ‘sugar candy stage’.  Instead we use the concept of ‘one-thread, two-thread’ etc.

Once you get a hang of the above concept, making Indian sweets is a breeze.  I posted the link to the video on my personal facebook page, and yesterday my super-talented blogger friend Chinmayie confirmed that they turned out well. Do try it!  Do not forget to share your photographs with me on instagram, tongueticklers facebook page or twitter with our readers.  Spread the love by subscribing to our channel and sharing the video with friends and family.

For more details in print check out the link – ‘Kaju Barfi ~ Cashew candies’

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