How to roast peanuts in oven – Kitchen basics

Why such a basic post?

Roasted peanuts |

This is how the peanuts turn out when roasted!  No brown specks.  Golden all over.

Roasted peanuts |

Indian cooking mostly involves stove, unless one grew up in villages that had a ‘sanjha chulha’ or common tandoor.  Even that was restricted to certain Northern regions.  My mum nor my aunts owned an oven.  It is more a second generation thing.  Most of my friends still prefer buying a microwave oven which ends up being used as a re-heater. My first oven was microwave too, but I put it to use one hundred percent – until I read about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation.  It put an end to my comforts, but that was a good thing.  I learnt to appreciate the taste that slow cooking imparts.  One misses out on the joy of extracting tasty bits that get stuck to the vessel when cooking on stove top.   The timer in a microwave takes care that no bits will ever stick!

I also made cakes in my microwave and I missed that when I switched to stove-top, so we soon pulled out an oven that was gifted by a friend for our wedding and put it to good use.  While it made great bakes (cakes and cookies),  it was certainly not energy efficient.  I could not use it for roasting nuts as stove top was quicker!

It is only 3-4 years back, when I purchased my existing oven that I realized how inefficient the old one was.  However, I have been roasting vegetables, nuts and using the oven for mundane things with extreme relief ever since realization!

Raw peanuts |

Roasting nuts in a wok on stove-top has a few drawbacks:

  • the act needs to be constantly monitored,
  • nuts need to be stirred around because heat is not evenly distributed in a wok; and,
  • despite everything, you know the total surface area of the nuts will not uniformly roasted.  There will be specks of uneven brown.

In case you haven’t done it yet, take a closer look at the roasted peanuts here, and tell me – aren’t they prettily and perfectly done?

Roasted peanuts |

This post is for all those mails that ask me what else I use my oven for, apart from the obvious.  I reply that it serves for roasting nuts and making a healthy evening snack.  Today the standard reply becomes a post.

Technique: How to roast peanuts (or any other nuts) in an oven or (OTG)

Shelled, raw, dry peanuts – 1/2 cup


Pre-heat oven without roasting tray at 150 deg. C for 10 minutes.

Place peanuts in the oven tray in the center of the oven and adjust the timer for 8 minutes. Check after 5 minutes. Remove tray and shake the nuts around a bit. I jiggle the tray and put it back. Check after 3 minutes. Mine takes 8 minutes.

Depending on the internal temperature of your oven the time may vary by a couple of minutes.

The cue is when the skin darkens a few shades and starts to split. It should change from pink to reddish, not black. A minute makes a lot of difference.

How to roast nuts in OTG |

What you get is golden, roasted peanuts, not spotted ones. You can roast all your nuts this way. I roast cashews, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts in my oven. I even roast lentils, which take a shorter time. I love that I don’t have to stand stirring them all the time, and feel the heat down my neck.

Time varies with the kind of nuts being roasted.  This does not qualify as a recipe, but then, do you not like to snack on healthy snacks?  Roasted peanuts fit in nicely, don’t they?

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  1. I still don’t use my oven for anything other than baking! lol…
    So many people have told me about using oven for roasting nuts and I am definitely trying it next time 🙂

  2. Ha ha! 🙂

  3. can you please let us know which oven do you have? it seems to be a good oven so it might help anyone trying to buy an oven in india

  4. Hi Nikita, I use an Optima oven, but it is not available very easily as outlets are few. I hear Morphy Richards is as good.

  5. I love those roasted groundnuts..reminds me of our weekend visit to park and beaches. Dad used to buy those for us. Thanks for this post. I am going to roast a batch of groundnuts

  6. mmmmm…sounds cool..will try next time i’ve to roast nuts or lentils…don’t like the black stains on the peanuts when roasted in kadahi…and I just lurveee the first picture…lovely!

  7. Hi Harini! went through your recipe of ‘Roasted Peanuts’ and liked it . i generally roast it in a karahi and it turns out roasted in an uneven manner. now i will try this,as i am having a very old model of RACOLD which i use only for making cakes. Now my query- i want to make SALTED ROASTED PEAN UTS. Can u guide me as to how can i cook rather make them in an oven? Hope to read your response in this matter very early and soon.Thanks.

  8. It is not an oil free method, Rewa. Mix 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon oil (I recommend olive oil) and salt as well any other spices you might like in a wide bowl. Add the raw nuts and toss well, preferably with hand. Place in the tray in a single layer, and roast as in this recipe. I just noticed that you mentioned pecan nuts. You might need more oil than 1/2 teaspoon. Just make sure that the oil coats the nuts as lightly as possible. A little oil goes a long way as nuts have enough oils.

  9. lovely pictures! Tempting me to eat some too atleast 😉
    What I still haven’t figured out is to roast flours like gram flour in my oven. Too lazy to do it in a pan for maing indian sweets. 🙂

  10. That I don’t do too! Flours are so delicate, and easy to get burnt.

  11. Never roasted my own peanuts before! Seems simple enough, though. I would love you to link up this post to this week’s Food Holiday Link Party at my blog. The theme this week is peanuts in honor of National Peanut Month, so this totally fits the bill! Thanks!

  12. What a great post… Here from Food Holiday Link Party.

  13. Welcome to the blog, Marly!

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