Cucumber juice with lemons – Why waste what is good for you?

In making salads, raita and kofta, the cucumber (or any other gourd)  is stripped off its juices.  The other day while talking to a friend I realized that most people chuck the juice down the drain, especially when it comes from bottle gourd, and a few use it to knead dough for roti.

Cucumber juice with lemons | Tongue Ticklers

I also learned that there is a misconception that bottle gourd juice is harmful as it is acidic.  I do not have knowledge about its acidity, but I know that the juice is far from harmful if, consumed immediately.  It is especially good taken with a pinch of ginger powder and black pepper.  I do not consume the juice  regularly, but this is one of the ways I like to drink my vegetable juice rather than waste it.

Recipe: Cucumber juice with lemons 

Cucumber juice – 1 cup
(from grated & squeezed cucumbers or from bottle gourd)
Lemons – 2 small ripe ones, juiced
A pinch of dried ginger powder / Saunth / Chukku podi
A pinch of powdered black pepper
Jaggery or palm sugar for sweetening (optional)

Mix everything and drink it up immediately.

Cucumber juice with lemons | Tongue Ticklers

I do not add any sweetener or salt, and even do away with pepper and ginger most times!

I know most people find it odd, but I do not need much salt. In fact, I am often guilty of seasoning with less salt or keeping sweetness low in almost everything I prepare. While I do take care when I have guests visiting and when I am cooking for occasions, my lunch box to office and regular food at home has less salts.

The juice above is said to be healthy.

I think it is sensible not to waste food.  What do you say? And what do you do with juice from grated gourds?  I know its not much of a recipe today, but one should address the basics every once in a while.  Right?

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  1. Well, I don’t throw the juice away….I use the grated cucumber, juice and all, in the raita. The basic idea behind doing it is the same – why waste something that is good for you?

  2. lovely photos…the juice looks so refreshing.
    My mom always tells us about our grandmother’s advice to her (when she was a new bride) – always try and enjoy fruits and veggies in their natural form, do not add salt and sugar and kill their natural flavour.

  3. How wise she was! Rather, how wise our ancestors were. They knew the value of every thing we ate.

  4. That is a very good way too! In this case, Jayashree, the cucumber is tender and there really is a lot of juice. 🙂

  5. That looks wonderfully refreshing!

  6. The photographs are lovely. I mostly drink up the juice myself, even karela juice 🙂 . Totally agree about not wasting what is naturally good for you. Generally I dont add anything, but next time I will try adding lemon, dry ginger etc.

  7. Deepti, I am still not that courageous! 🙂

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