Fund drive for ‘Vaidehi Ashram of Destitute Girls’ with Siri

This month Tongue Ticklers completed four years on the web. To mark the big occasion (a big one for me!) I had initially thought of having a giveaway of some of my photo prints. Around the same I found that Siri was organizing a fund-raising event to raise money for Vaidehi Ashram, a home for destitute girls in Hyderabad, India. I have always been close to children and any cause that helps children holds a special place for me. So, this blog anniversary I have decided to provide two of my prints as one of the raffle prizes in the event.

When I got married to P we were sure we would adopt children but Nature decided otherwise.  We were blessed and we treat our children as the highest gift Nature offered us.  But not all children are lucky.  Many are unfortunately left to fend for themselves!  Thankfully, for every evil that exists in Society, there are angels to balance the acts.  Siri’s post on the young girls in Vaidehi Ashram is an eye opener.  Even if we cannot adopt there are many ways in which ordinary people like us can help these angels.  What any ashram needs most is funds to keep it going.  No amount is less.  Every penny counts.  Vaidehi ashram is a place that nurtures injured spirits and rekindles hopes for 108 young girls, aged from 3 to 22.   Most of the children either do not have parents or have a single parent who can no longer take care of them. Each child came with a heavy heart and is taught to live a life of dignity.  I hope we, along with Siri can help raise enough funds to keep the good work in Vaidehi Ashram going, and bring a smile on the faces of many young children like little Samantha.

If you would like to donate for the cause please visit Siri’s blog for more information on how to participate in the event. Many of my blogger friends have sponsored some beautiful items as raffle prize(s)! Make sure you get there fast, before someone else grabs hold of them! Besides you will also help bring hope and happiness to several young girls.  The event begins today, and there are 40 raffle prizes up for grabs, each one more exciting than the other!  Once the donation process is completed, please forward your payment confirmation message to info(dot)siri(at), clearly specifying which raffle prize(s) you are interested in. For any correspondence/questions/queries, email Siri at the address mentioned above.

Some of the photographs being offered have appeared on my blog at various times.  Some are fresh and unpublished.  Please check my picasa gallery or facebook if you would like to pick them up!  I have placed captions for each photograph in both the galleries.

Follow Siri’s directions in her post above to seal the deal!  Here’s wishing Siri mega-success in this thoughtful venture.

A peek into the album – please remember that my code is RW2

(You can choose the photograph you like after the announcements on 27th February, 2012)

A brief overview of how the Fund Drive will work –

1 raffle ticket = 10$ or 500Rupees

1. For Example – If a donor contributes 50$ or 5000Rs, then he/she can avail 5 raffle tickets which can be used to bid on any of the raffle prizes below. One can use all 5 on one prize (in turn increasing the chances in the lucky draw) or on different raffle prizes. At the very end, a random drawing will be conducted by the Ashram kids to decide who gets each of the raffle prize(s).

2. Those of you, who would like to contribute can choose your raffle prize(s) and after your donations are complete, please send an email to info(dot)siri(at)gmail(dot)com with the raffle prize details that you would like to to bid on.

3. As soon as she receives your email, your name will be added to the “Who all chose this Raffle:” column against the raffle of your choice.

4. Random drawing will be conducted and winners for each of the raffle prizes will be announced on Monday, February 27th 2012.

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  1. Congratulations and many more happy blogging milestones to come!
    Given a chance, I might ask for all of your pictures 🙂 Already wondering who the lucky winner might be.

  2. How sweet! Thank you, Lata. 🙂

  3. Thats a great cause and an amazing idea for a fundraiser. happy blogoversary!

  4. Thanks Richa! Do check up Siri’s blog for more info.

  5. Congrats on 4 years of ur blogging, and the winner would be really lucky to have ur photoprints, they are just so awesome.

  6. those are some beautiful pics Harini and thanks a lot for helping out for the cause.


  7. ..also Wishing you a very very Happy Blog-o-anniversary.

    Cheers to many more,

  8. Happy Anniversary Harini..your pictures are amazing and that’s a great cause…Kudos!

  9. Thanks to you, Siri, what was meant to be a giveaway has probably become more meaningful. Good luck to you too!

  10. Thanks, Valli! Glad to be able to do my tiny bit. 🙂

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