Broccoli butter, an easy and lean dip for breads and vegetable sticks

I sometimes get mails that request recipes suited to a particular need.  Normally I reply with a recipe if I have one, but it does not reflect on my blog.  However when Ashwini wrote to me saying she needed some quick recipes for her baby because she wanted him to have the best without having to fret over how to make it, how she wanted her baby to grow up on natural sugars and salts and not become a ‘sugar addict’, it struck me that moms are more informed today than a decade back, and that it is nice to have a vegan resource for vegan babies as well.

The thoughts culminated in this ‘broccoli butter’ recipe made specially for Ashwini and for several other new mommas and papas.  I have decided to post reader request recipes on my facebook fan page, because I thought I must give back something special to those who follow me there.  Do check up the recipe and share with me your thoughts and suggestions.

I hope this column turns out useful for new mommies and people who like healthy food!  We all have the greatest gift – the gift of donning a human body and a thinking brain.  Let’s resolve to treat it with respect and give it the best!

Find the recipe here

Broccoli butter for baby food

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  1. A great post, Harini! The clicks are stunning.

  2. i love that cute cup!! and this is so necessary with all those processed baby foods filled with unnatural ingredients.. you should make a infant or toddler food section on the blog or on the facebook page!:)

  3. Hi Harini,

    This is fantastic, surely Sid (siddhant) will love this. This is surely a welcome change from kanheri (rava kheer…but here its cooked in water n no sugar :):)) and tomato soup

    I will definitely send you some innovations like, addition of jaggery as substitute to sugar etc…trying and hunting for options..

    Thanks again,

    Btw the thai soup is absolutely slurp:)

  4. Glad you like it, Ashwini! I used to make rava kheer that way too.:) It tastes good to say the truth! And do send me your innovations. Would love to share them with other moms. I am sure there are many like you looking for healthy options. 🙂 Wish you and your family a very happy New Year!

  5. Where do u get these cups from?

  6. Found them accidentally. 🙂

  7. Nowadays I am always in search of recipes for babies as I also have a little daughter. I used to give her hummus as it is rich in protein and it is used as a dip in place of those Ketchups available in the market. But after reading your recipe I will try this broccoli dip too. I am Also thinking to make Dips from other vegetables. Thanks for Giving a wonderful idea.

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