Announcing winners of the Krya One day Vegan Challenge!

I know it was difficult to go vegan all of a sudden.  That feeling, “Everything else is fine!  But I just cannot do without my two cups of coffee/tea!”

But, kudos to Lata Raja, Siri, Shamitha and Megha!  Preethi and Srinivas of Krya and I are so happy that you took up the challenge and showed us some beautiful recipes!

Meet the lovely people who took up the challenge;

Shamitha wrote to me sometime back a beautiful mail with sweet words of praise about my blog. It was motivating and humbling.  Thank you!  It is you readers who motivate me to table the best, to photograph what I cook, and my words would probably freeze if I did not bask in the tiniest bit of adulation you shower.  Shamitha has  some beautiful experiences to share.  She is gifted with words and began her own blog just for the contest!   I am attending a health awareness workshop these days and it is Shamitha who is responsible for that.

Shamitha’s blog is called Nature’s Child.  She records her attitudinal shift to food, the awareness it brought and the changes she made.  Did she compromise?  I am not telling you!  Visit her blog.  She shared a very healthy and tasty recipe for ‘besan laddoos‘ [Sweet chickpea flour balls].  I won’t be surprised if it rushes you to the kitchen!   I totally understand the urge. 🙂

Lata of  ‘Flavours and Tastes‘ is a very inspiring blogger.  She never fears to experiment with vegan dishes and has a lovely blog with some wonderful Indian recipes.  This is what she had to say;  “More for the sheer pleasure of trying to stay off dairy rather the giveaway, I wanted to do this. I must add that I had a good time thinking up the two recipes.

Her veganized dishes include ‘no moar-kuzhambu’.  Moar kuzhambu is a South Indian sour yogurt soup.  Very tasty.  Lata innovated vegan yogurt made from coconut milk.  When she discussed her idea with me through, I made it too.  It was super yum!  Find out more on her blog here.  During that day she served her husband black tea, made puri and kizhangu (potato curry) for breakfast and neer dosa for dinner.  Lunch consisted of Vendaikkai vathakkal kari (okra stir fry), vegan moarkuzhambhu (sour yogurt soup), steamed rice and a kootu which uses a base of legumes (vegetables and lentils).  That is quite a spread, but we are not done yet.

That evening Lata adapted Meenakshi Ammal’s recipe for ‘badam kheer’ (almond pudding) and made a veganized version.

I am famished now, Lata!  Thank you for sharing your experience!

Siri is a blogger I have recently started interacting.  She has some of the loveliest food photographs I have seen on Indian blogs and she invites readers to join her in her culinary journey on ‘Cooking with Siri‘.   When I asked her about her experience with the challenge, this is what she wrote to me – “Truth to be told, it was indeed challenging to be a vegan for a day, especially for someone who is so used to be a lacto-vegetarian. I realised, one needs to be more mindful about the fact, that no animal products are allowed for being a vegan. I actually had to do some menu planning for the day and make sure none of the ingredients were non-vegan. But it was fun doing something unique like this. Very different from umpteen number of events happening in blog-o-sphere which I think have almost the same, similar themes.”

Siri, you did a marvellous job of being vegan.  Siri had idli-sambar for breakfast.  Dinner consisted of roti and nimbu masoor dal (Wholewheat flatbreads accompanied by lemony red lentils).  Lunch was special!  Pan fried tofu triangles with soy-sesame-ginger-sauce.  Sounds great?  Looks great too!

Megha of i2cook is one of the lovely girls whom I got to know during Mumbai Food Blogger meets.  She is a young entrepreneur and cook.  The one who gave me moroccan peanuts to taste!  She got a little late submitting her entry, but I knew she had been through the challenge.  We talked about when we met at Le Pain Quotidien, and I felt she should be included here.  She is non-vegetarian but she remained vegan an entire day.  Her meals on that day?  Breakfast was the same as always – fruits and dried fruits.  Lunch was simple with some varan bhaat (dal and rice) with alu bhajji and chilli pickle.   The special dish was the 5 minute microwaved cupcake.

Her experience – “I was  travelling to Bangalore and thought that it would be a great idea to give a taste to my mother and sis in law as they are very new to the concept of vegan. They were surprised that there was no milk or butter and yet it tasted so good. I’ve tried the same recipe with milk and butter and believe me there’s not much of a difference between the two. Vegan for a day was a challenge that made me realize that it takes a lot more of will power and determination to stay away from things that you have been brought up with.”

Now it is time to announce the winners.  The giveaway was meant for only three people.  Preethi and Srinivas (Krya), however felt that in the spirit of the challenge all participants had done equally well.  You know what that means?

Shamitha, Lata, Siri and Megha – please email your residential address to me so that we (Preethi, Srinivas and I) can send you your prizes!  Thanks for participating in this challenge and overcoming the urge to indulge!  Krya, thank you so much for partnering with Tongue Ticklers!


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  1. Luv the new look of ur blog,..:)!

  2. Thanks Harini, I am happy to have done the challenge! Winning adds to the pleasure. Since then I have devoted one day a week ‘vegan day’ for myself….I am a curd/ghee person and have made it a strict rule for myself to abstain.
    Congratulations to the winners Siri and Shamitha!

  3. Congrats to the winners. Truly well deserved 🙂

  4. Thank you, Priyanka!

  5. You continue to ‘wow’ me, Lata! Great going!

  6. It is indeed very inspiring to get to know such stories about turning vegan even if it is just for a day! I still have to overcome my love for curd/yogurt. Rest of the stuff I can live without 🙂

  7. Wonderful, kudos to everybody who participated, great job well done.., I was so impressed with lata’s recipes.., way to go ladies…, my wishes to all of you…

  8. Wow Lata! That is so cool!

  9. Though could nt take up the one day challenge, I tried the washing powder and was quite impressed by it… 🙂

  10. Glad about that! Maybe you could join some other time.:)

  11. Yipeeeeeeeee!!! Thanks a ton, Harini and Preethi for selecting my entry as one of the winners! I’m super thrilled :)))) you both really made my day. Loking forward to the lovely giveaway. Loved what Lata, Siri and Megha did for the challenge. Congratulations to all of you!

  12. Your blog has a very pleasing design. I came here searching for some vegan stuff and did not knew that it is quite popular in India too.

    I think i am going to stay here for a while and find out some good vegan recipes for myself 🙂

  13. Thank you, Maahi! Yes, we do have a sizeable vegan community in India too. I hope you enjoy your stay. 🙂

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