Eggless Mango Ice Cream with Cottage Cheese

Eggless Mango-Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

You must be aware thanks to my complaints and trumpets, that the mercury here is rising fast this year. As a result mangoes made a quick appearance in our markets. When P bought the first batch of alphonsos I suggested leaving a few aside for trying out desserts.

“…but we still haven’t had a full mango each” said Jr. P in a distressed tone, yellow juice running down his hands as he pulled at the plump yellow mango flesh. “No no, not this one. I will get you some especially for that…” said P, shielding a whole dozen of golden fruits from my glance and his arms suddenly looked mightier than ever before.

Thus dissuaded, I waited my turn which came during the past weekend. I was allowed only one big, juicy, mango to myself and the family decided they wanted a non-vegan treat.

I gave a few choices. Pavlova, custard, mousse, jelly but all the alternatives were beaten hands down by one favourite dessert – Ice cream!

The usual eggless ice cream calls for some long time work in the kitchen. Since I had some fresh cottage cheese in my refrigerator from the previous day’s dish I decided to try a shorter route to ice-cream dream. This link tells you how I make cottage cheese at home. For today’s ice cream recipe the best suited milk is buffalo milk as it is creamier than others but if you want a light version, toned milk will do quite well too. My family thought this ice cream was much tastier than the normal version made by evaporating and reducing milk.

Tell me what you think!

Eggless Mango Cottage Cheese Ice Cream
Jr.H immerses herself in another realm!

Since this is my first time making this kind of ice cream and as it is a trial with a new recipe, you are most welcome to make your own alterations to it! I bet I will make a different one next time – at least one with minor changes!

Dish: Mango Ice Cream with Soft Cottage Cheese
Yield: Serves 5-6 scoops

Alphonso or any other mango without fiber – 1 big, juicy ripe mango
Fresh Cottage Cheese – Approx. 175g.
Thick cream – 1 cup
Ground vanilla sugar – Approx. 1/4 cup, depends on the sweetness of the mangoes used.

Scoop out the mango and drop in the blender with the cottage cheese, cut into chunks. Blend well. You will have to do it in short spurts, scraping down the sides and the lid a few times. Blend till thoroughly creamy and no lumps remain.

Pour the thick cream into a wide bowl. (The kids got a kick out of cleaning out the mixie jar, licking it clean!).

Whip cream and ground sugar till the beater leaves a trail and gently fold into the mango-mixture.

Pour in a tub or air tight container such as tupperware and freeze for three hours. Remove and blend with an immersion blender. If not try whisking with a beater till well blended.

Refreeze overnight and serve the next day. This is what the family had for Sunday along with breakfast.

Since it is cottage cheese that holds the ice cream together, this does not melt soon. My children decided it was much, much creamier and tastier than conventional ice cream. My desserts are always just sweet. I just cannot add much sugar!! Go ahead and indulge with Jr.P!

Jr.P looks waiting for me to click soon so he can have his bite!

Though I did not have scoopful like the others, I did sample a bite and decided it was better than conventional ice cream without all the sweat involved!

Tried, tasted and given the thumbs up by;
Pavithra of Dishes from my kitchen

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  1. Though temp is hitting 40 C, mangoes are yet to make appearance in the market.

    Droolworthy ice cream. Looks like using paneer is a better option and less work too. Great clicks as usual.

  2. Wow wow wow.. I am loving the idea of icecream with cottage cheese. Something so new and damn tempting. I should surely applaud for the lovely pics that you have clicked. Lovely they look. Perfect for the dessert. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just wish I could have a scoop of it right away ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wow eggless ice cream looks wonderful and scrumpticious. I am going to book mark this recipe and try it .

  4. That is so Mangoooish!!, The colour and ice cream looks as if you are scooping a mango!!, must be quite relishing!!, I heard from my parents that mercury is in full boom!!, Alphonsos the King of Mangoes with the queen of Sunshining Clicks!!, The Ice cream looks exciting…

  5. I heard that rising temp. are causing severe sunburns in Kerala. Funny that your mangoes did not ripen yet! And yes recipe is less work.

    Thank you, Nithya. It is quite easy so do try making it.

    Thanks, Welcome aboard!

    Jayasri, I am learning to make them tempting. If it has succeeded that is good news:). Thank you so much!

  6. This looks and sounds simply delicious! I would never have thought to add cottage cheese to ice cream :).

  7. Pavithra Srihari

    Ice cream with cottage cheese ?? oh mannn it is so temptingg… It definitely looks much better than the normal version ….

  8. I am very impressed by ur clicks !! That was a tasty mouthwatering Mango Icecream. Being a big fan of Mango, I should definitely try this. Thanks for stopping by. Will come in often.

  9. Awesome idea using cottage cheese… Surely will try it out.. awesome click as well.


  10. Ice cream with cottage cheese is a new idea. Looks delicious!!

  11. sowmya's creative saga

    wow…look at the tempting…delicious..

  12. i am gng to try this,.slurp

  13. AMA's AnythingVegetarian

    Very tempting to indulge in staright in.Nice recipe.

  14. AMA's AnythingVegetarian

    BTW I did try ur green risotto with a variation of not grinding the greens .I just chopped and added.It was a thumbs up in our house.

  15. Woww such a delicious and fabulous ice cream, love the fact its prepared with cottage cheese..

  16. gorgeous pictures! i love the depth of field!

  17. Thanks all:)

    AMA, glad you liked the risotto.

  18. very nice harini! i would've never thought of using cottage cheese in ice cream. fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚ i cant see the pics though ๐Ÿ™

  19. This one's worth a try, so simple!! -Naina

  20. Hey SunshineMom, I am visiting ur site here for the first time and it's beautiful! I loved the idea of ice-cream with cottage cheese. Unique. What a way to start the summers with!

  21. The icecream with cottage cheese is new! That is a wonderful pict!

  22. Making icecream with paneer is new to me and looks so creamy, does this way of making ice cream work with other fruits too?

  23. ๐Ÿ˜› :P. Why didn't I come earlier now it would have gone.Can I invite myself next sunday for bfast? What's the spcl?
    Also I have some dbts. Can I try this with tofu instead of cottage cheese.Also instead of cream will cashew cream or coconut cream whipped with powdered sugar work? Do let me know.I am inspired toplanning to make a pina colada icecream and since I have tofu I am thinking it of using it.

  24. I can imagine it works really well with cottage cheese. I am a bit impatient to make a custard and often use yoghurt & cream instead so I am definitely going to try your version next.

  25. Sweatha, I am so sorry. I forgot to answer your query! Yes, I have made chickoo ice cream with cashews and coconut cream and it turned out extremely well. Even if you use coconut cream do add some cashews. They help in firming up the ice cream.

  26. Hi dear,

    Tried out this icecream immediately came out so good and we really enjoyed it. I am posting this ice cream in my space too. Just drop in when u find time.


  27. Thanks for your feedback, Pavithra. Am glad you enjoyed a quick and tasty treat.

  28. I've been meaning to visit this post for the past week, got around to it only at this late hour – and you suddenly have me salivating for this very ice-cream, not any substitute.

  29. wowie! Icr cream without eggs or ice cream maker, that too with cheese? Too good for words..This one will be made soon.

  30. Have also made ice-cream with paneer. Your son's cone suddenly looks very tempting! did you make that cone too?

    Have started seeing mangoes here, but am going to wait till they're as little less expensive for kitchen my experiments!

  31. I tied it nad it came out very good… enjoyed making it as it was very simple…

  32. Aparna, No I just rimmed with chocolate.

    Tweety, thanks for the feedback. Always love to know how my recipe turns out when others try it!

  33. WOW!!! this sounds awesome… goes to the top of my list before mangoes vanish for the season….

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