Aam ka panna for Beyond Curries

Aam ka panna | Paanhe | Raw Mango Drink
Do check out my recipe for this refreshing drink at Beyond Curries. Our ongoing theme for the month is Summer Coolers.
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  1. It looks so refreshing. I brought two mangoes from India, and yet to make it. Will make it soon after seeing your post.

  2. love this! a nice, refreshing drinks thats perfect for the summer.

  3. Very refreshing..tst

  4. Peachkins, this is a rustic mocktail. It does not contain alcohol in any form.

  5. you blew me away!!, You are going somewhere girl with your photography!!, next time when I visit India, I would like to meet you and have a session with you on these amazing skills!!, I thought where the H.. is that one standing ?, when I focused I could see the base of the glass!!, will check out the recipe looks awesome!!

  6. Beautiful & very impressive blog you have,

    First time here,would love to try when i go india 🙂

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