Avarakkai poduthuval (South Indian broad beans curry)

This is crazy! I know that an hour from now I should be rushing to office and yet I cannot stop myself from sharing this recipe, not that it is exotic!

Yesterday I was taking photographs of the broad beans curry I had prepared when little ‘A’ walked in:

“Yeh kya kar rahe ho aap?”, says A. [What are you doing?]”Photo nikaal rahi hoon, beta.” [Taking snaps, baby]. She knows very well that I am taking snaps and that they will show up on the computer, but she is a naughty, cheeky and cherubic four year old who gets her way in subtle ways. Right then I knew she wanted to be involved some way in the snaps. I have way too many pictures of her in a separate folder. You too will go camera happy if you see her – she is such a perfect little model!”Mein kuch karoon?” [May I help?], she asks, tilting her pretty little face slightly to the left and flashing me a smile that will melt even Mrs.Trunchbull! I took a few pictures of her but she still looked at the dish, smiled at me and I relented!

“Sirf aapke haath nikaaloongi. Is subzi ko haath me pakad ke rakhogi? Bilkul hilna math!”, I gave in on impulse. [I will only take shots of your hand. Will you hold the dish? Don’t move at all!]

She gave in her all, bending and perfectly cupping the dish in her chubby hennaed palms. I wish you could see her concentration. She stood still, biting on her tongue for added concentration. This was the result and I couldn’t wait to show it to the world. She added so much life to the otherwise mundane Tambrahm dish!

The recipe is pretty simple!


Broad beans (Avarakkai) – String, clean, chop fine – 1/2 kg

Salt to taste

Turmeric – 1/4 tsp.


Coconut oil – 1tsp.

Mustard seeds – 1tsp.

Bengal gram dal/ Black gram dal – 1tsp.


Fresh shredded coconut – 3 tbsp.


Steam the chopped beans till just done mixing salt and turmeric. I let it retain a crunch.

Heat oil in a deep wok/kadhai. Splutter mustard seeds and add the lentils. When they turn pink add the drained beans.

Stir fry on medium heat till the curry becomes absolutely dry.

Mince a tablespoon of coconut with green chillies crushing roughly in a mortar.

Garnish the curry with the above mince and the rest of the coconut.

Serve hot with rice, rasam or sambar.

When I wrapped up the click I told ‘A’, “Ab mein ise net pe chadaooingi aur aapke baare mein likhoongi.” [Now I will upload this and write about you]

“Kya likhoge?” [What will you write]

“Yehi ki ‘A’ aayi thi….”, [Just that ‘A’ was here….]

“A? mera naam Aarya hai, A-A-R-Y-A. Aapko spelling nahi patha tha?” she interrupted.

[A? My name is Aarya, A-A-R-Y-A. You did not know the spelling?]

I do, Aarya. I do!! Now you all do too just as she wanted you to!

Have a great day and wish me luck – I am late!!

Avarakkai poduthuval
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  1. Oh wow those little cute hands are holding that simple dish ….thats a nice click…Aarya is very cute name..

  2. Wow harini thats gorgeous click..looks so tempting

  3. How Cute! She's like my 4.5yr old gal, same dialogues at my place..pls may I take the snap? May I cook, main banaun, mujhe karna hai…n the No transforms into a Haan!! Lovely curry here, n yes, posting can b addictive! (Hope u r on ur way now as I type this! :D) Loved the Poduthuval here!

  4. Shama Nagarajan

    nice recipe..yummy

  5. Harini, I looked everywhere couldn't find ARAYA in other posts. Congrats!!! Jr. P and Jr. H must be so happy no 😛 My mom makes this just like you. As usual, nice pics ~sigh~

  6. One of my favourites, and love your pics. You have one very sweet assistant. 🙂

  7. one of my favorite vegetable simple and very comfort, nice recipe.

  8. Kitchen Flavours

    Love those cute lil' mehendi hands of A holding the pic….Picture mein jaan dal di A ne… really…God bless… Coming to curry…it looks simply yum….

  9. Such a sweet discription for simple dish 🙂 Aarya's hands looks so lovely with the curry and light mehandi on her hand……. just to GR8!!!!

  10. Lovely snap, Harini! 🙂
    I love these simple curries, I make them often at home using different vegetables. Great work!

  11. Aw.. how cute is Aarya! 🙂 Loved the bhaji and the clicks

  12. She do have perfect hand with mehndi one.

  13. Hey Harini! I spent the afternoon in front of the telly as I was not feeling too well … and watched Matilda on Zstudio. And now I see you remembered Trunchbull in the morn! Little A is cute and that dish is gorgeous! 🙂

  14. A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine

    We also make this at home, but yours is so special that too when the Mehendi clad little hands are holding them. SO nice and refreshing photo.

  15. Lovely click! Simple and yummy dish 🙂

  16. I am going to kiss Aarya for all of you:)

    Sharmila, I saw it for the umpteenth time the night before on Z studio!! I wonder who acted as Mrs.Trunchbull – she was really menacing! My daughter loves the book.

  17. Cute little hands… definitely has made the curry look pretty and delicious.

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  19. Cho chweet!

    That was for Aarya of course 🙂

    How's the commute?

  20. Aww how cute! I couldn't deny her myself if she asked me with a childish smile and that tilt of her head you talk about!
    So when does she want to model her hands for me? 🙂

  21. Lovely dish and even more lovingly held by your sweet girl! Awesome pics! 🙂

  22. Wow I love this to eat with ghee and rice mixed:)
    Cute picture Harini:)

  23. nice name,..nd pefect click,.;-)

  24. Awwww, that's so cute! "but she is a naughty, cheeky and cherubic four year old who gets her way in subtle ways" … So, so cute! I love little kids, I can't wait to have more 🙂

  25. Cute lil hands…she definetly added lot of life to the typical tambrahm dish:-)I liked her name too.

  26. Avarakkai couldn't get more glamourous! Folks wear rings and bangles – but your little friend adorns avrakkai in style :-))))

  27. Cute little curious hands … and nice click … simple and tasty recipe 🙂

  28. nice simple recipe and what makes it special is those little hands.These little kids… our world

  29. Dearie love the post and the cute hands with poduthuval.i am not a big fan of avarakkai but this one sure gets a nod from all in the house.

  30. Little A has made the curry look more pretty. Cute little hands, soo lovely! Great clicks and the curry looks so delicious 🙂

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