Apricot Ice Cream | Dairy | Lactose | Casein | Egg free | Vegan recipe

I have written so much about the new Reliance Mart that has opened up at Pokhran II in Thane already. The latest addition is Kailash Parbat. The staff told me that this one was a branch of the Kailash Parbat at Colaba Post Office. For those of you who are not aware do visit KP and try out their chaats. I promise you will not stop with just a plate!

I had been there (Thane branch) sometime back with a few friends. Unfortunately this branch needs to really spruce up its service and food. The tikkis and bhaturas were definitely stale! I was quite disappointed, and made it clear by offering them a piece of my mind. They definitely have to do better with Prashant Corneroffering close competition!I had nothing particular to shop for, but since we were out side the mart, I could not resist taking a round inside. This time I found that the very tasty ‘biryani rice’ had been removed and replaced with a costlier but almost similar tasting ‘premium basmati rice’. The vegetable and fruit section was a delight as always. I found fresh apricots – nice, firm, ripe and juicy, and since we have never had them before, I bought a box right away.Summer does not leave much to imagination when you buy fruits. It is either to be eaten plain or made into an ice cream! I tried making apricot ice creams and paired them with the vegan mango bundt cakes I made earlier that day. It was lovely! The other day I had pureed some cashews to make some vegan cream and stored the excess. I used up the leftover cream in making these apricot ice creams and also mango ice cream. They taste better than the real thing – this time even Jr.H had two scoops of the vegan version.

Select apricots that are soft but slightly firm, orange and smooth. The box had only one slightly unripe apricot but the rest were really good. I am not generous with sugar usually and my ice creams are not really as sweet as shop bought ones, but I made an exception this time, to suppress the tartness and Jr.H, who doubles as my conscience and my daughter, asserted that it is only now that ‘Mummy has learnt that desserts are meant to be sweet’! Despite the sugar there is a frozen mocktail like flavour:). P and I liked it very much but Jr.P did not. Jr.H claimed she did not not like but it turned out that she had the most servings;)! Frankly, I think this is a ‘grown up ice cream’, and a very tasty one at that!

Recipe: Fresh Apricot Ice Cream | Dairy | Lactose | Casein | Egg free | Vegan recipe
(A triumphant trial by Sunshinemom)

Apricots – 15 (stoned and washed well)
Water – 1/4 cup (to stew the apricots)
Sugar (powdered) – 3/4 to 1 cup approx.
A pinch of salt
Smooth cashew paste – 2tbsps.
Cashews – 5-8 Nos.


Stew the apricots in the water, salt and sugar till very soft. Grind into a soft pulp.

Blend with the cashew paste.

Pour into a tupperware of any other food safe plastic box/ice cream tray.

Break the cashews into little bits and roast without butter or oil (optional) till slightly browned. I did this in the m/w. Sprinkle evenly over the blended ice cream mixture and stir lightly.

Keep inside the freezer, and blend it three to four times in gaps of half an hour. Freeze for at least two hours after the last blending.

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  1. Oh my thats delicious apricot ice cream and almost fat free ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wow this is oneof the most healthiest ice cream recipe i have seen. And it still looks so cremy delicous.

  3. Kitchen Flavours

    Superb, cool and yum……yummy way to indulge with apricots…

  4. Navita (Gupta) Hakim

    Hey just got over with making mango icecream…this is the third quart I am making in 4 weeks time…my hub is kid enough..lol.

    How have u been Harini? Nice apricot ice cream. yum!

  5. ice cream looks delicious Harini..lovely photo

  6. What you got Apricots in India? One more reason to come back home!! I have seen apricots here, wondered what to do with it, "lets add sugar and make juice of it" said J . Left the box there and came home. I think I will try this ice cream if and when J behaves like a good boy.

    How the heck did u manage that background in your post? It looks just the menu card in Arun ice cream shop ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Wow that ice cream looks so good…yummy n healthy….

  8. Lovely apricot ice cream! And this is the healthiest ice cream recipe I have ever seen!

  9. Thanks all! I am so glad you people think that it is healthy too. I am trying to put together low fat, vegan and delicious recipes:).

    Navita, been good and doing good too:) Thanks! The hiatus did me a lot of good as I tried out quite a few recipes, while not racing against time!

    SJ, We find most things here but these fruits come at a price. Thanks to conducive climatic conditions up North that too is coming down! Regarding the background – one of my colleagues gave me an HTML book last year. It was gathering dust till I opened it last week. Thankfully things seem easier now! Glad you liked it!

  10. That is one delicious ice cream!
    I have been meaning to ask you this question since the post on KARE. I was surprised that onion did not make it into the list unayurvedic ingredients (if I am not wrong I also saw couple of recipes with onions in Sukham Ayu). What do you think?

  11. I too have seen apricots here but somehow have not purchased it. Usually get the dried ones. Simple yet elegant recipe.

  12. That is one easy ice cream recipe!! Apricot sounds yummilicious.

  13. That is sooo creamy! And you did not add any milk at all, this is fabulous! Do you think I could make the same way with mangoes too?
    Or do they have too much moisture in them?

  14. Hi,
    Read on what u have written about KP .I used to live in Colaba that was years ago and next street up from KP.To go down on quality upsets any one.I hope u have a pleasant visit there next time.
    Icecream sure looks yummy.

  15. Hi Harini..hows u..Nice icecream..n rather easy enough for even me to try..:)..liked the bg..:)

  16. Thanks all!

    Indo, Is it? I did not ask anything regarding this! Anyway I will find out more:).

    Madhuram, I want to try with dried ones as I am sure they will turn out better but imagine the amount of cashews in it:)!

    Anu, I made these with mangoes too. They were very good too but I had to add more cashew paste to balance the juice! Will post it soon!

    Avisha, Welcome:)! I used to stay nearby too! The KP at Colaba is still good. I went there last year with my children. Maybe the cook/manager they have here has not yet settled!

  17. Oh it's really looking wow! I never tried anything from apricot…..but will give a try now ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Unfortunately the veggies and fruits at RMs here are pretty bad … as in limp or soggy. I find the stuff at the food bazaars very good. Btw can you tell me how far is Prashant's from Juhu? We were there for a wedding and were left with too much time on our hands.
    Love that icecream. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. wat a delicious ice cream…looks great.. superb photos ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. OMG!!! No dairy products in it. Great! Look so creamier and smooth.:)

  21. thanda thanda cool cool ummmmm yummy ice cream looks so mouthwatering.

  22. Dhanya Nambirajan

    Wow,looks so cool and yummy. Nice click too:)

  23. Looks lovely and this picture is excellent, Harini.

    I just bought half a dozen too (though Reliance in nowhere to be seen In Goa!) from my fruitwala.
    Have to decide what to do with the them.

  24. As usual beautifull recipe and amazing click.I have never bought apricot,somehow i always kept thinking "wat to make with it"….this one is for sure try Harini.Nice one!

  25. A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine

    Looks so delicious. You have a lovely blog.

  26. Just perfect for the summer

  27. Liked this vegan icecream. Lovely pics. The watermark pic of the post is really nice.

  28. Hi
    I am new to your blog.
    This is really a coool idea like an icecream.
    I have tried only apricots "khubaani kaa mitha" but never tried "ice cream" with it.
    I am gonna make it for my next potluck

  29. Darling this is the easiest ice cream recipe ever heard.Too good to be to true.The pic is very very perfect and tempting.

  30. Yummy icecream….looks so perfect esp texture

  31. Sunshine And Smile

    you made ice cream without an ice cream maker, or did I miss something ?! My hubby loves Ice cream and i am not big a fan .. just once in a while. I will have to try this .. he is going to be SO happy ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. Sanctified Spaces

    That's some yummy ice cream.Will try it too.

  33. Kankana, cashew paste weaves a lot of magic:). Even without an ice cream maker I did not get any icicles in this one!

    SS, do let me know how it turns out.

  34. looks delicious!!! i was just thinking of making some vegan icecream myself.

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