Beet Pulao – Pilaf flavoured with beets [Gluten / Lactose / Dairy free, Vegan]

My Summer indulgence is still at its peak and continues to make me dream which is why I changed the header with some of my favourite Summer images. Ice creams, adventure, nature ,and watching children play and of course playing the games people play.That is me perched on that rock, from my cycling trip to Jallori Pass the Summer before last. The gully football picture is taken at Aut, where I saw the village children playing football with a small rubber ball and what a scuffle it was!  Jr.H had an opinion as always! She did not like it – “is this not a food blog?”, she asked and continued, “I cannot understand why you have put those two pics there?” I replied, “go, get your own blog and do what you like!” She twitches her nose in response, and so do I!  I know she makes sense. Probably I am indulging myself too much – maybe I will change it after a week or two days.

Of late, vegetables and fruits seem to be sabotaging my efforts in staying close to a theme! I tried tarte tatins with black plums to get purple and they turned red. Then I used oranges to get bright orange and they turned pale in my orange saffron rice. This time I used beets for a pink shade but nothing happened! My pulao is still only a bright yellow.

Otherwise, it is one easy thing to make – perfect for lazy lunches and dinners and lazy moms too. Besides being a quick one pot meal, this is nutritious and easy to carry to school and office accompanied by chips or raita. Aahhhh….. you saw the wine there? Not right in the morning but it is just one teeny weeny shot glass (maybe 10ml). Excusable indulgence, I guess.

I feel odd giving the recipe as there isn’t any actually. It is just another pulao with a slight twist! But still, here it is:

Beet Pulao – Pilaf flavoured with beets [Gluten / Lactose / Dairy free, Vegan]

Rice (I used kolam but any long grain, low starch rice will do) – 1 cup
Veg. stock/wate r mixed with 3tbsp. of grated beetroot – 2 cups

Clove (Lavang/laung) – 2
Cinnamon (Dalchini) – 1″ stick
Cardamom (Elaichi) – 2 pods crushed
Bayleaf (Tejpatta) – 1
Cumin seeds (Jeera dana) – 1 tsp.

Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp.
Chilli powder – As per taste (I did not use it!)
Asafoetida (Hing) – A pinch

Onions, sliced – 1 small
Potatoes, diced – 1 medium
Carrot, long wedged – 1 small (Did not have)
Beans , 1″ bits – 2 or 3

Mint – to garnish
Oil – 1 tbsp.

Clean rice and set aside to drain.

Heat a tbsp. of oil in cooker and splutter cumin seeds. Add the rest of the spices at (B), and saute till the cloves puff.

Add the onions, and saute till transluscent and then follow it up with the rest of the vegetables. Add 1/2 salt and saute for a minute. Add water/stock and allow it to come to a boil.

Add the rice, stir, season with salt and cook till just done. I close the cooker, put on the whistle, cook on high for 3-4 minutes, and on low for 5 minutes before switching off. Remove when it naturally cools. Grains should remain separate.

Beet pulao

Garnish and serve.

The kids and I had it for packed lunch at school and office respectively. Pulaos are always loved so I won’t go on much about the taste. It is only a matter of preference!

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  1. Can’t believe there isn’t even a tinge of red color inspite of adding beets. Usually addition of a small piece of beet will color the whole dish red. I think sometimes it is unpredicatable how the natural colors work in combination with the rest of the ingredients.

  2. Sunny mommy at her best! Love the pics on the header … and the pulao. 🙂
    What is life without a little indulgence .. love the snaps too. 🙂

  3. I agree with Jayasree…… but it’s looking nice. After seeing a picture of pulav my hubby fixed up today’s Dinner…. Pulav with wine…. Afterall he is from wine city…..Nasik

  4. Darling,I am angry with you,you are tempting me too much.These days i am so lazy to cook or blog anything.Love the pulao,but the color baffles me.Normally the beets paint the town(curry) red(rose).But sometimes it happens as you said with plums.Anyway I am racking my brains to come up with something different for FIC.If my brain fails due to overwork,then its our normal watermelon, strawberry dishes for me.The pulao looks very nice and true innovation.
    One doubt,why grated beet mixed with water.You could puree it right,that must have added colour.

  5. This is such an interesting recipe! Thanks for posting!

  6. lovely….i tried this in a slightly different way…but was too good

  7. wow.. nice entry.. great click.. perfect..

  8. Am wondering as come you come out of that red color..ha ha..but thats fine .Great clicks..And tes,enjoy summer.change in the header is refreshing..

  9. Colour or no colour,if its spicy,if its rice or better if its biryani,if it has some veggies for health quotient and if it is on platter for me,hot and SMOKING…..I am in for it,morning or afternoon,night or even mid night…..yeah even after having a full fledged lunch,there is always some corner of my ROUND stomach free for few spoons of Biryani,and ur looks simply delishhhhhh.And did i mentioned how lovely the header looks…its ok if not all of them are TONGUE TICKLING ones,they surely tickle something in mind….i guess just a bear hug and some NON VEGAN creamy stuff will be enough to MANAO ur little darling…wht say JR H??

  10. I actually liked the galli football picture- its so India! How come the beetroot pulao is not red or even pink/rose/lavender/mauve/purple????

  11. lovely header,..loved all the pics,..and pulao looks yum too,..

  12. I have never made rice like these, willbookmark hem.

  13. Forgot to tell you,your sitting on the cliff pic turned out perfect –just like they show in mountaineering trips pics.I always wanted to go for such things,but afsos,hum yahin rah gaye.All the best for this year.

  14. YUM! I would have expected a red colored puloa, thought you used yellow Beets, but 3 tbsp Beets wouldn’t give that much color and enhance the taste too. Good one H. Enjoy and have a great weekend. Hugs to you! :))

  15. I love spicy pulao’s…nice picture 🙂

  16. LOved the picture with you sittign on the rock. Pulao looks great! Love the use of stock instead of water.

  17. Never made a beet in rice!Different idea for me.Marked for test it later….

  18. LOL at little miss sunshine’s remarks 😉 kids these days i tell ya…(not that i have one but seen quite many with big attitute;)
    and i expected to see some bright coloured rice when u said beet pulao. but this looks much better than i expected it to be. have a lovely weekend harini. will catch up with u next week 🙂

  19. I was expecting a pink or red pulao..kind of surprised..even after adding beets still yellow…nice pulao..

  20. I love the header:-) I wish i could go & sit up on that edge of the cliff.. all by myself:-)

    I was really expecting to see a bright pink pulao when i read the title.. LOL i think you will need more beet to change the color! I don't think it messed with the taste… sounds perfect!
    This time i gave my hubby the responsibilty to come up with something pink!!

  21. nice click Harini… Pulao looks very mouthwatering

  22. Seeing ur title I though u made something for ur event pink! Did the beet was yellow? Lovely one pot meal!

  23. Awesome pulao,I’m all out of beets for this week,I’ll try your pulao for my next beet series:)

  24. Looking at the title at my reader i thought it was something for the pink event..And before seeing the full post i saw the pic and closed the window and i thought i clicked the wrong link…but again the same appeared and i wonder why there is not even a single shade of beet there..but ibw nice and wonderful recipe

  25. Wow… pulao looks perfect! Lovely recipe… Photo makes me drool!

  26. oh I just tried beets for the pink event and it was such a failure. sigh.

    This looks good. Didn’t it turn pink though?

  27. i like the new header.

  28. yummy pulao… love the picture with the wine glass in the background 🙂

  29. Love pulaos..I think 3 tb spoon of beets would not give any color..With or without color it looks yummm..

  30. I’m amazed as well that there isn’t that pink hue that beets always give out.
    Indulge yaar! Life’s too short. Your blog, do what you want! The pics are great.

  31. but really how come no trace of pink in the rice?..the one beet pulao my colleague used to get was bright pink in colour!..looks great though

  32. The pulao looks good. But this is really strange, I can’t believe beets won’t turn something pink.

  33. H,
    I like the new header and pics also specially the one you are in ….
    like the pulao also , never made it with beet though ….
    hugs and smiles

  34. I expected this from all of you – yes! it is unbelievable but the pulao turned a bright yellow. Probably because I grated it with my carrot grater rather than grind/use my cheese grater. Will try it again with 1/2 cup of beet.

    Glad so many of you liked the header and me too:) I got up there because I wanted that pic and it was a real pain coming down:)

    KG, I got some Nasik wine too – it is actually very very good!

    Sweatha, put those lovely grey cells to extra use!! You and saying such things is not excusable! Aur mein tumhare hisse ki chadhan bhi karke aa jaati hoon! I am determined to taste thukpa and momos there. Supposed to be great!

    Sharmila, I thought the same too:)

    Alka, kuch accha bana doongi toh Jr.H khud hi maan jaati hai!! She is very flexible that way:)

    SJ, me too thinking that way!! Defies logic but ‘aankhon dekhi cheez hai yeh’!

    Sia, looks like you are already learning!! Kids do have a lot of attitude – good as long as it is positive:)

    Yasmeen, and use more beets than I did!!

    Soma, good yaar!! ek aapke shauhar ki creation bhi toh honi chahiye!!

    Hey, Cham! I did not know that there was something called yellow beets – that is news!!

    Thanks all:)

  35. I thought u would have prepared beet pulao for FIC, but am stunned to see the colour, before reading the recipe i thought that u might have prepared with yellow beets, thats a delicious pulao without any rose r purple traces..Lovely dish indeed..

  36. Pulao looks delicious…the new header is really cool, great pics.

  37. Love the snaps of you on that rock as well as the gully football! Dont remove it!! Good to see a simple palav here …today’s menu is palav and Vah Chef’s mirchi ka salan!

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