Food in Colors – November roundup and December Twist

As always I was surprised at the amazing array of food you came up with, and I thought Purple was a challenge!! I am happy that I have to eat my words – you proved me wrong, and gave me literally ‘food for thought’:). Not only food for thought but FIC purple and black turned out to be a round up of ‘healthy healthy food’ – mostly beets, cabbage and grapes!

Before we go on to the round up – the color for December is ?, your hostess is ?

“Last but not least add your ‘love’ to make the dish ‘YUMMY’.
No prizes for guessing that right:) This time Lubna Karim, my friend from ‘Yummy Food’ is your guest hostess so please look up her blog for the event announcement and details.She has chosen a beautiful color for December, and I am already getting goosebumps because I know that not only is the time right for the color, but it is a color that evokes endless images of lovely dishes, why dishes….anything beautiful! The logo also designed by her will tell you more:
Looking forward to the gathering there next month:). If you have in mind a color you love and would like to host FIC, do drop me a mail at sunshinemomsblog[at]gmail[dot]com.
This month’s round up is in reverse alphabetical order:). Why should ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ always get to be first?? A warm welcome to the many newcomers to FIC this month, and to my old friends who have always been supportive! Purple is royal, it is the color is of the highest order – it is the color of the crown chakra. It is now the color of food. Black is beautiful, black is mystery – don’t worry the food isn’t! This time the food is first for sight and then for taste – Really!
Yasmeen of Health Nut is first time on FIC, and she makes a unique entry! “Whole grain penne pasta with purple cauliflower” – Like she says, it is purpilicious!

Viki Xavier of Viki’s Kitchen is new to FIC too. I loved this traditional but ‘new to me’ recipe ‘Ulunthan Kali‘ (Black gram sweet ball). She says it can be taken for an early dinner or a filling breakfast.



Ujju of Cuisine Point (Third newcomer in a row!) sent in a ‘Blaukraut Palya‘ – I wondered about the name but it is simply red cabbage:). I love anything when there is a smattering of coconut on top:)
Ujwal of Ujwal’s Kitchlabs sends ‘Grape Sorbet‘ inspired from David Lebovitz‘ blog. Its still not winter here, so I am craving for this:)

Tigerfish of Techzcape serves a minestrone ‘overgenerous’ on the cabbage – I love it anytime, TF:). This is a red cabbage soup that promises to taste as good as it looks!



Sushama of ‘Savi-ruchi’ too has a pretty rice bouquet – Beetroot Anna (Anna means rice in Kannada).
Updated – As usual I forgot myself!
Sunshinemom of Tongue Ticklers at the insistence of her kids made a berry semifreddo which turned out the perfect color for FIC:)

For the first we have the Queen of Melas too – Srivalli of Cooking 4 all Seasons with a delicious Kaai Kani Halwa with a medley of delicious fruits in it! Yum:)

Sra of ‘When My Soup Came Alive’ is first time on FIC too, and she brings in ‘Kashmiri Black Beans’ which started black, turned purple and ended brown and tasty too:). Find out why here!

Sowmya of Creative saga has a lovely red cabbage chutney that reads spicy and tasty!

Soma of ecurry has very nice ‘about’ poem which I read just today – do read it as you gaze or hog on this yummy ‘Almond Panna Cotta and Zesty Berry Compote‘!

Shama Nagarajan of EASY2COOK Recipes has a simple and quick morning drink – Pom juiceand….

…. beetroot poriyal

Updated! I somehow missed including Shama’s Sesame chutney/Ellu Chutney/Til Chutney – Sorry Shama, and thanks for bringing it to my notice! I even remember thinking this was a new recipe and so perfectly black!
Updated on 03.12. – Looks like I missed out most of Shama’s entries:(, and she sent such a medley of dishes to spice up the round up – I am sorry Shama!

Here is the healthy beetroot soup, and…

Beetroot chutney – Both are in the same post.
‘Red Cabbage Salad‘ for starting off….
followed by a choice between (You can have both, and not choose) Cabbage rice with paruppu podi (South Indian Lentil spice powder) as its tasty and healthy. and…..

Beetroot Moongdal Rice – Delightful! Thanks for the foursome, Priya!

ending with a tasty preserve for your kids – Beetroot jam! Awesome:)

PG of My Kitchen Stories contributed the first Italian dish in black – Black Olive and Sage Pesto and…..

a dessert that spells – YUM! “Orange quark creme with blackberry sauce” – how yum does that sound?

Padmajha Suresh ‘Seduces your Tastebuds‘ with a salad again – ‘Black Bean Salad’. Most of some seem to be keen on staying light!


Navita entered Blogosphere in October with Zaayeka, and hails the king of veggies with ‘baingan bhaja‘. Hail!


Madhuram’s(Eggless Cooking) first (sorry) entry to FIC is a very beautiful drink that promises to taste as luscious – ‘Blueberry flavoured Milk‘! I almost licked my lips!

Madhu of ‘Ruchii‘ is first time on FIC with the very popular ‘Red Cabbage Palya‘, and she makes it look tantalizing too:)


Lubna of Yummy food makes it easy and nice – a smart entry is what I call it – ‘Cardamom Flavoured Black Coffee’! How about burning some calories now?
Lakshmi of Taste of Mysore, has always sent in amazing dishes to FIC. This time it is ‘Beetroot Chutney’ – there are many more Karnataka flavors in this post, but then, you must visit her:)


Kavya of Kavya’s Kitchen brings a song and a dish ‘Gutthi Vankaya‘ (Stuffed aubergines/brinjals/eggplants) – I too second that ‘Aha! Emi ruchi’ [I can speak that much Telugu too:)].


Jaya of ‘Spice & Curry’ sends in a ‘Begun Pora‘ (Roasted eggplant) which makes me go ‘aake chali, baake chali…..path bate takka begun pora’:) Thanks for bringing that song on my lips, and the flavor of roasted eggplant, Jaya!


Divya of ‘Dil Se’ sent in a health tonic that I am sure kids and adults will love alike – ‘Blackberry smoothie‘.

Cham of Spice-Club calls it a ‘Wacky Soup’, I call it pretty – perceptions differ:)! What do you say to this mesmerising ‘Red Cabbage Soup


Bharti of ‘Veggie Foodlist’ was motivated by Madhuram’s egg replacement event and ended up with delicious brownies for lunch – For lunch?! Yes, that is how tasty they turned out. And it is an Alton Brown Recipe!

When it’s black how can one not have a dal makhani to grace the occasion? This one comes from Bhagyashri of Taste Buds, and it looks mouthwatering with the jeera rice. I am sure you will have to entertain many of us if this is what you dish out!


Arundathi from ‘My Food Blog’ keeps it simple, velvety looking (see the shine) and perfect – Purple and black! It is Purple Cabbage seasoned with whole black urad! Isn’t that bullseye?
Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen modestly shares credit for this exquisite creation with me- I would have been happier if I could also have a few licks of the ‘Grape Cardamom Gelato’🙁

A day late but too good

I know I am breaking the rules, but I just could not resist Simran’s (of Bombay Foodie) ‘Forbid Me Not’ – No dear, how could I? This is so different and perfect and something new! ‘Forbidden Rice‘ – I just could not deprive you all from this one, so please forgive me if you feel I am unfair but to withold it would have been unfair too! If you feel I was wrong in including this please leave that too in the comment box!
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  1. I am becoming purple and black with this round up.ooooh I missed it and missed it.I am searching for white ,right now .

  2. Bloggers are seriously a creative lot. I can’t believe you got all these purple and black entries. Nice.

  3. Beuatifull round up.

  4. so mny new recipes,…nicely done….:-)

  5. Kitchen Flavours

    Wow so many in Puple and only mine and Forbidden rice in Black. Really a awesome and healthy roundup. Thanks for the intro.

  6. Lakshmi Venkatesh

    Oh what a purple roundup! And I feel very very bad to have missed it. Hope to send something for the event.

  7. I am just amazed at the variety of purple everyone came up with.

    Thanks for including me!

  8. The theme was quiet challenged which pushed me to explore some great food and i enjoyed it! Very pretty round-up and i love white which reminds snow here 🙂

  9. Wonderful round-up Harini! Love all those delicious entries. I am glad you can speak telugu fluently (Aha Emi Ruchi):)

  10. Mighty impressive… I didn’t think there were so many purple foods out there in the first place!

  11. Sweatha,Serves you right, Miss:) White is easy, so no excuses!

    Bharti, I agree totally! My husband often says that the variety in my kitchen has gone up by quite a few notches!

    HC, Priyanka, Thanks to all the entrants:). So what is cooking white in your kitchen?

    Lubna, my pleasure:). there is Bharti’s brownie, and the dal makhani too!

    Lakshmi, there is always another event:)

    Simran, me too! I was really amazed and the black rice had me stumped:)

    Cham, just see how beautifully creative you were:) White reminds me of the moon – since I saw the smiley yesterday!

    Uma, I have forgotten Telugu. Used to be quite fluent as a kid! We stayed in Sec’bad for quite sometime!

    Hannah, same here!

  12. I agree with Bharti, when you first announced purple, I was really wondering what is there to cook purple in color! Now seeing the entries I’m really surprised. And one tiny thing, this is not my first entry to FIC, I already participated in the Green event.

  13. Lovely round up. I really missed it. Hope to send in some White.

  14. I’m drooling over all these lovely recipes! wonderful! a great roundup! Thanks a lot Sunshinemom!

  15. So many entries! I did not think you would get more than a handful for this challenging one. I especially liked Yasmeen’s entry.
    Great job once again, H.

    Oh, and thanks for trying to nudge me out of my inertia.:D My sis was around for 2 weeks… was busy spending time with her.:) And now I’m just feeling too lazy to do anything.

  16. Yummy and nice!

  17. Thats such a lovely round up!..purple looks so inviting!

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  20. I could not come up with anything purple/black .. but seeing these entries I am awestruck. What a range of recipes.
    Great roundup Harini! 🙂

  21. It was most unusual colour for this month’s theme and I ‘ can’t believe there are so many entries here.
    What I mean is, so much black and purple in food? I really had to get my brain moving on this one.:)

  22. WOw wat an awesome roundup…looks all the bloggers r really very creative to prepare all these innovative recipes…this FIC purple was really a challenging one, am happy to see all these excellent collections of dishes..i really scratched my head when i saw purple n black for Nov’s FIC..fortunately i really created some recipes to send for this unique colour event..

  23. This was indeed a great one… See does bring out the creativity:-)

    Thanks Harini for reading my About!

  24. Very nice and craetive entries.

    I realised today that even though I had an entry for you, the email I had sent you had bounced back. So I missed the boat 🙁

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  26. Purple is always my favorite color and I enjoyed that round up very much.

  27. H,
    the round-up is excellent and the recipes so worthful..
    hugs and smiles

  28. Sunshinemom, not sure how I missed this but I did, and in spite of searching frequently for the round-up too! Thanks a lot, this has got to be the most unusual colour so far!

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