Cauliflower salad | Phoolgobi ka salad

Are you reminded of certain just when you are cooking?  Songs that set off a string of memories?  I am.

I have many many such songs on my lips, and in my mind, but my favourite always date back to my childhood. It was a Hindi children’s’ film from the black and white days, involving the adventures of two orphaned siblings. The song goes this way;

Pet mein choohe daud rahe hain
Choon choon choon choon bol rahe hain
Chuniya behna khaana de
Bhook lagi hai khaana de

Roughly translated, a hungry little boy sings out to his sister asking her to serve supper as hunger gnaws at his stomach. It is a happy song though the lyrics might not reflect that.

From then on, my sister and I would sing the song whenever we wanted supper much to my mother’s irritation. Children like repetitive music.  Adults seem to  hate them.  We got rid of the habit as we grew up, and I forgot the song till one day when my daughter was little, and crying, I involuntarily started to sing it. Now they sing, and I am the one who is irritated.  Mostly because I have to really hurry up then.

When I am hurried a salad of this sort is welcome.  It’s quick to cook and the children like it.

As part of the bloggeraid group Giz at Equal Opportunity Kitchen is holding an event called ‘because we can help’.
I thought of sharing this recipe as it reminds me of the song, the hungry young children in the film, and the fact that it is healthy.  We had it as part of our dinner last night. As the days become shorter and the evening sets in faster hot rotis seem tastier than rice. A salad, a subzi, some onions, a lime and you are all set for a healthy dinner – and guests are most welcome.



The method for making Stir fry bhindi or ladyfingers can be found here, and here.

The ‘cauliflower salad’ is a concocted recipe that always works well.

Recipe : Cauliflower salad 


Cauliflower (grated in a large eyed grater) – 2 cups
Salt and lime juice to taste
Coriander for garnishing
Jeera for seasoning
1 green chilly – chopped fine.
1 tsp. oil


Grate the flowerets.  Heat oil, add zeera. Add green chillies, followed by cauliflower.

Saute lightly for about a minute till cauliflower turns aromatic, just cooks but remains crunchy.

Add salt, and coriander. Mix lightly.

Squeeze half a lime to lend it a tang. (Optional)

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  1. mere pet mein bhi chuhe dusd rahe
    Hi Harini..nice one!
    How r u ? n where have u been?just droppedby to say hi

  2. Just my kind of food … wholesome and simple. 🙂
    And I love your copyright logo .. looks classy. 🙂

  3. Cauliflower is so good for you! I love your healthy approach. Cruciferous veggies so good for memory!

  4. Love that song….:-) and a nice and simple meal!!

  5. Guests are welcome eh? OK I am in, with phulkas so light and fluffy who can resist.

    btw, what goes around comes around. You annoyed your mother and now it is the turn on the kids to do that to you :-))

    I love the idea of cauliflower salad, new to me.

  6. He he I don’t know the song… But the dish u made , make me feel singing and happy. Lovely plate.

  7. Cute song and memories. Yummy yummy thali.

  8. wow.. very NIce & simple Thali..

  9. Beautiful Harini – thank you so much for the entry – but please don’t make me sing in Hindi – you’ll be crying…honest.

  10. Thanks everyone for your kind words:)

    Sharmila – I got the idea from Daily Delicious blog. Mine is different from hers but she is the inspiration and I am glad you liked it.

    Naz, Welcome and thanks. I love cauliflower but did not know about the memory thing. My husband was right here when I read your comment and he was just saying how my Mum must have fed me lots of cruciferous veggies:)

    RC, its on record so my kids will know what is coming round when they are irritated by the next gen…lolz:)

    Giz, you must try singing in languages you do not know – its fun. Imagine me singing in Italian or French…lha ha:)

  11. Madame ji Pass the plate please,
    “Main to raste se jaa rahi thi,
    Bhelpuri kha rahi thi,
    Sunshine mom ne Thali Dikhayi
    To mein kaise na khaaoon…”chomp chomp …:P
    Bas Pet bhar gaya

  12. What a complete and satisfying meal!


  13. Sweet memories,lovely thali,and i cudn’t help but laugh at the song ,coz whenever hungry, my son says mummy pet mein chuhe toh kya abhi toh billi bhi daud rahi hai aur uske peeche doggies bhi…kab khaana banega? lolz

  14. Sweatha, this was “OOnth ke muh mein jeera”. Abhi toh bahot kucch baaki hai khane ke liye!

    Miri, yes it is:) Thanks!

    Alka, yaar bada interesting bachha hai! Ab toh milna hi padega:). Mujhe isi baat pe yaad aayi ki jab bahot baarish hoti hai toh I always say – “Its raining hippos and rhinos”, since a very long time. Somehow I never could compare the Mumbai rains to cats and dogs. (I know it has a significance and reason, but somehow hippos and rhinos seem better!)

  15. Kitchen Flavours

    Wow yummylicious thali no.1. Iam hungry. Pass on soon soon…

  16. Thali looks so yumm.
    I have been thinking aobut the evnet , but till now no inspiration.

  17. I am the “unsung” variety of cook, but I do love your thali

  18. i just want to sit on the floor and dig into that thali!

  19. We’re having chappathis, dal and subzi for dinner, par aapke thali dekhke, meri pet me choohe daud rahe!
    If you lived in Goa, I would take you up on that invite, for sure. 🙂

    Cauliflower salad sounds really good to me. An unusual one.

  20. It’s lunchtime and I’d love nothing more than that delicious-looking thali, Harini. Love the cauliflower salad which sounds quite easy but unique and tasty.

  21. I also always sing this song and a little bit memory of this movie but don’t know the name of the movie. Searched it over internet and the only good result come is your blog…..I will be glad if could ever find the vedio of this song or movie and will show to my wife…..she never believed that this is a real song…

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