No cook Ooey Gooey Vegan Chocolate Pudding!

The other day my son asked “Mama, where is the stapler?”. He needed it for a project at school. I answered “Where it always is – in the second drawer of the dresser in my bedroom.” “Which one? LHS or RHS?” quips my son. He is proud of his newfound knowledge handed down by my daughter who has started ‘balancing chemical equations’ at school. Now! this has always been a teaser for me. I replied – “The dresser on Daddy’s side of the bed.”
I have never been comfortable with ‘left’ and ‘right’. Invariably when I travel in an auto, I point to the right and keep screaming “Left, Bhaiya! Bola na, left mein lo! Right kyon liya?” [Left, bro! Did I not say left? Why did you take a right? – Bhaiya in Hindi means ‘brother’ and it is the safest way to address any stranger! It is not offending unless you are a PYT in which case you will get a tick off from the ‘bhaiya’ immediately!]. He grumbles “Ladies logon ko direction batana nahi aata – barabar bola usne” [“He was right, ladies never know to give directions”]. Who he? Mr.John Gray – a household name these days – who has branded us forever as “Women from Venus“. I am curious to know whether you too are like me? Are ladies really like this? Not too sure about the direction thing, but yes! I am sure ladies are from Venus.This post has LOTS to do with the above! I can’t explain the logic of the mind but one thing led another and the few leads that brought me here were like this:
That is what this post is all about! An ooey gooey yummy chocolate pudding my son made under my supervision. It is easy, quick, no mess, no cook, child safe – isn’t that tempting? This is a perfect dish to make with your kids – just try it and let them bask in the glory of creating a simple and tasty dish! I found this delicious recipe here sometime back. I loved the picture and decided on it. I made a few changes here and there but the recipe essentially remains the same. You would like a RAW vegan version – this one is from Lara’s blog, and I found some really yummy vegan recipes there!

UPDATE: I seem to have made a mistake in the reference of the recipe earlier. I found this one at here.

1 block silken firm Mori-nu tofu (12.3oz)
1/3 cup + 1 tsp. – cocoa powder
About 1/2 cup caster sugar
UPDATED – A small yellow ripe banana


Drain the tofu for at least 15 minutes, and wrap in a cloth for another 15 minutes to drain the water completely.

Cut into big chunks.

Place all the ingredients in a mixie jar and blend. See! We scooped up some in our fingers and licked it straight:)

Refrigerate for an hour in ramekins or wine goblets and serve garnished with toasted almonds or apricots!

Jr. P is elated, and the family is satisfied with the rich dessert! Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, and when it is vegan – well!! It goes to Vaishali of Holy Cow! for her event on ‘Vegan Desserts‘, and to Madhuram of Eggless Cooking for ‘Egg replacements – silken tofu‘.

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  1. Nice to read about the post. Recipe name sounds intrestingand looks gr8. Nice entry for the events.

  2. a pat on his back! and what a lovely dessert!

  3. that looks like a perfect dessert .. loved the pic .. looks really rich .. loved the almond topping your auto incident is really funny … lol …

  4. I also do the same, while giving directions. I think it’s very common irrespective of gender, my husband also does that.

    I have also wanted to try this version for long time now. It’s finger lickin good.

  5. Harini, The tofu pudding looks absolutely gorgeous, and I love the simplicity of the recipe. Thanks for a lovely entry.
    Your post made me laugh, but my hubby too is always confused about right and left. So, you see, guys are not as perfect as they think either 🙂

  6. Delicious,When can we come over? ;P

  7. The dessert looks perfect…great pics…enjoyed your post..:)

  8. Lubna, it tastes greater than it looks!

    PG, I patted and hugged, and he is thrilled to see it on the blog:)

    Deesha, Madhuram, Vaishu – Thanks! The Men from Mars are not done with yet!! There is one on which I am going to play hubby bashing – Lolz!!

    Curry Leaf – Do!! We will allow you some licks off the blender too:)

    Usha – Thanks Usha:)

  9. Hey you are right I have been visiting your blog and never saw that murukku in your header…*drool* :)..looks perfect 🙂

  10. Anything chocolate whether cooked or uncooked is mighty fine by me.:)
    Oh I just remembered, I don’t like liquor chocolates, so anything except those.
    I just love your blog’s new attire. Chic.
    Balancing equations? Is your daughter also in the 7th?

  11. This is amazing!!..Looks exactly like chocolate..Doesnt seem like it has tofu in it..

  12. Wow.. This looks so delicious.. and easy…

    Extending on the Venus vs Mars topic.. I am somewhere is the middle of venus and earth .. my husband completely stuck on mars :)) The book makes a lot of sense at home and at work today..and i am sure always will

  13. That small glass is not enough for me… anything that has chocolate in it…..

  14. Mmm..I tried this out years ago and didn’t love the results ( I think I must have used crappy chocolate), never gave it a shot again. Will give it a try with some better chocolate this time.
    Nahin yaar, I don’t find myself giving wrong directions although it did take me forever to get the hang of which direction is which (when I was a kid).

  15. wow, wow, wow, lovely pudding and gorgeous pictures.

  16. wowoow LOvely…am drooling here…

  17. Looks fantastic and so simple to make too..lovely entry

  18. He he he…i know i know wht are u talking abt,when u say directions by ladies….i belong to ur category,but only when it is for giving instructions to rickshaw drivers….always mess up in rights and lefts…so much so that now whenever i am approaching a turn on the road i start chanting in my mind whether i need to say right or left…so it will be like….right right right right(in my mind) and darn! the rick driver never ask for instruction when i m prepared in the above way…only when i take it easy…the driver will ask for a left or right just at the edge of bifurcation of roads…and gosh…..i hide behind my son,who always successfully and quickly announce a left or right,while i panicked situation still wonder wht to reply…its in genes i guess….

  19. Swati Raman Garg

    first of all an easy an amazing looking pudding…. and iam laughing like mad… i do d same even today with auto walas… hahaha… poor guys… and then i will scold them… whos to be blamed..

  20. that left right thing was funny & familiar:-) doesn't happen to me tho'. John Gray proved wrong here… my hubby does it all the time:-)

    That pudding looks yummilicious!!

    will try to send in something for the "FIC:Brown"

  21. Yummy pudding. Good pics too. I am drooling over the last pic. Your little one indeed deserves a pat.

  22. Great writing as usual. 🙂 Am glad am not confused with left/right … it takes 4 turns to reach my home .. :-))
    Am still thinking of something brown for you … my fav colour btw. 🙂
    Pudding looks great!And your blog looks dapper by the day … looks like you have been working on it.

  23. wow yaar the pudding looks really yummy!!!

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