Kothimbir Vadi – Savoury Coriander Gramflour Cakes

Kothimbir vadi | Savoury chickpea cakes | GFCF | Grain-free | Vegan

Kothimbir vadi | Savoury chickpea cakes | GFCF | Grain-free | Vegan

Mr.P is an excellent cook when the right mood prevails.  It seems to happen rarely but when it does the kitchen bustles with energy and the house smells good.  This is his speciality.  I’d rather have him make it than make it myself.    I an fortunate that my daughter and husband are both fond of cooking.  It means I can take it easy at times and it also keeps my interest in cooking alive.  I am not a kitchen person.  Cooking is just one of the many things I love doing.

Recipe:  Kothimbir Vadi – Savoury Coriander Gramflour Cakes

Fresh Coriander leaves without the hard stalk – About 3 cups
Chickpea meal / Besan – About 1 cup heaped
Ginger – 1inch
Chillies – 2 small or 1 medlium
Garlic – 1 pod
Water – About 2 cups or more if needed
Turmeric powder – A pinch
Oil – To shallow fry
Salt – to taste

Sesame seeds – 1 tsp.
Mustard seeds – 1 tsp.
Curry leaves


Mince the ginger, chilli and garlic with little water and set aside.  Bunch the cleaned and trimmed coriander leaves (with stem, but not the root) together and chop roughly.

Whisk chickpea flour (besan) with a cup of water, salt, turmeric and the coriander leaves to a thick buttermilk (kadhi) consistency and set aside.

Heat a deep wok and pour a tsp. of oil.

When hot add the minced ginger, chilli and garlic with liquid.  Add the prepared mixture, stirring all the while till the liquid evaporates, and the mixture comes together into a thickish ball.  It should not jiggle.  Stirring should be constant or you will have lumps.

Grease a flat plate and pat the lump into a rectangle using the flat back of a steel bowl. Cool completely, and cut into cuboids thick or thin, but at least a centimetre thick.  Or any other shape you like.

Heat a wide pan.  Pour a little oil and add the seasoning when the oil turns hot. Immediately place the pieces and shallow fry on each side till brown and shiny. Alternately, you may deep fry or bake.  I bake.  My husband fries.

Serve hot with mint chutney or tomato ketchup. We had the left over with dinner with rasam rice, as these taste equally good when they are room temperature.  They taste best while hot, of course.

Kothimbir vadis are perfect for parties as starters.   They are moist inside, crisp on the outside, and quite easy to prepare.  You could make the squares a day prior to the party, refrigerate, and bake them the next day.

NOTE:   This post has been edited as the original version was verbose.

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  1. That’s wonderful. The weather is just right here for those squares.
    Now I know who the “Tongue Ticklers” are! 🙂
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  4. congratulations on your awards,hope the lucky streak continues, and thanks for thinking of me, much appreciate it. 🙂 a guest cook once a month is a great idea- aur gharwaalon ne launchpad ka achha istemal kiya hai. kothmir wadi!! yummy my mom makes these!!! and wash down with seb aur anjeer ka shake! wah wah!itne achhe pati aur pyari si bitiya ke liye mere ore se badhaiyaan badhaiyaan!

  5. Those gramflour squares look scruptious…..and you tell your daughter I think that shake sounds delicious!!!

  6. Passionate About Baking

    Congrats on your awards…well deserved & many humble thanks for passing one on to me. I am indeed touched! Wonderful post on a family that loves to cook…how nice!! How old is your daughter? Thanks again!

  7. Phew! finished reading your post ;)…so many things in one post…wow! shake looking so gud and healthy and vadi looking yummy, convey congrat's to your daughter & hubby..gud job….

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  10. the vadis are so mouth-watering. Congrats on all the well deserved awards.

  11. Your Kothimbir vadas are a stealer. Absolutely loved them.

    Congrats on your awards.

  12. Good that u posted ur family’s culinary adventures. Hope to see more from ur family here.

    Kothimbir Vadi is in my todo list for a long time. Your post has reminded me. Hope to make it soon.

  13. gorgeous !! it indeed tickled my tounge!! yummy

  14. The vadas look so good. I’m sure to try them out! Lovely pictures.

  15. those squares look so great!! i’m definitely gonna try this. thank you so so much for the genie – right, a little luck is always welcome! 🙂 thanks so much!

  16. Congrats on ur awards 🙂 Kothimbir vadi never tasted but very tempting one 🙂

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  18. thepassionatecook

    oh i am a big coriander addict and i still have some gram flour from one of my “indian cooking” experiments! i will definitely try these! thanks for your contribution to WTSIM…

  19. I am really glad to have found your blog. It’s funny how you mention your husband, because mine does the same thing. The Coriander Gramflour Squares look really good. I can’t wait to give them a try!

  20. the kothimbir vadi was simply and lucidly explained. thank u.

  21. harini tried ths kothimbir wadis 2day and they were yum……..

  22. Harini, tried this and it was a super hit. Thanks 🙂

  23. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for getting back to me with your feedback.

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