Ullukazhanga curry | A simple roast potato | South Indian style

This curry is so ridiculously simple and tasty – I am sure if we took a poll most people (at least Indians) will vote that this was their first actual cooking – Potatoes not necessarily the same way but more nor less closer. Why not check? Tell me which was your first sabzi – not rice, not roti, not pasta, not cookies – the first curry you made.

I made this first when I was 15.  Mom had to leave us for a few days to go to Bangalore. This called for least effort – It is simple and tasty and I make it even now at least once a fortnight and sometimes once a week also….and even then no one tires of it.  In case you wondered what other things I made at 15.  I kept alternating between rava upma and semiya upma for breakfast and tiffin, for the next four days until dad got tired, and when mom returned he pleaded that she was not to make upma for at least a month.

In South curry refers to dry roasts and not red spicy gravies as generally made out. Forget the measurements and just let your sense of taste lead you – there is no better way to cook.

Recipe : Ullukazhanga curry | A simple roast potato | South Indian style

Potatoes – 4 big ones
Onion – 2 medium – the more the merrier
Sambar powder – 1/2 tsp.
Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp.
Salt – To taste
Red Chilli Powder – 3/4 to 1 tsp. – I like this one a little spicy:)

Oil – 1 to 2 tbsp. – Depends on the mood – whether health conscious or not at that moment:)
Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp
Chana dal – 1 tsp
Curry leaves – 5 to 6
Dhania leaves – garnishing


Boil, cool, skin and break the potatoes roughly with a spoon or chop into big chunks, and set aside. Chop onions fine, and set aside.

Heat Oil in a wok. Add mustard seeds & chana dal. Wait till the mustard splutters and dal turns pink. Add and let curry leaves crackle.

Add onions and roast till nice and brown.

Add the potatoes, turmeric, sambar powder, salt and red chilli powder. Toss till the potatoes get coated nicely and keep for some time on low flame till gets a light roasted layer stuck to the wok. Put off fire.

Remove from container immediately. I let it roast for sometime only because I like the layer that sticks very much – if you do not like the idea remove when the potatoes get coated nicely.

It is a classic accompaniment to Chinna Vengaya Sambar or Sambar made with small onions. There is very little chance of any left overs from this but it could always turn into paratha filling or even tasty bondas.
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  1. Congrats on your award, Sunshine Mommy! Appreciate your kind words and award very much. Thank you.:)


  2. potato roast – all time favorite! looks great.

  3. Wow very nice recipe. I love potatoes. Thanks for returning the bear hug.

  4. Forgot to mention Congrats on your well deserved awards.

  5. Potato roast and vengaya sambhar is the ultimate combo. Congrats ont the awards . Thanks for the virtual bear hug.

  6. Potato looks so colourful, one more award for you waiting in my blog…….

  7. congrats on your award..you deserve it!!

    btw,you asked me for the texture of the cake batter-it should not be too thick as it would not get cooked evenly.It has to be of the consistency of idli-dosa batter,if you know what i mean,if you still have doubts,shall explain further.

  8. Thanks Harini! Ek jaadu ki jhappi tumhe bhi 🙂

    And yes, my first curry was Paneer Butter Masala. But then, I am from Punjab!

  9. Sailaja of Sailu’s food – Thanks! Got confused with the other Sailaja on the Blog:)

    Click – Thank you Jai! Still wondering whether you and Bee saw the award I passed!

    Sailaja II – You deserve that hug:)

    Jayasree – Belated thanks for Ganpati Maharaj;) That is one combo the whole family agrees on:)

    Illa – I liked that nickname – hope you don’t mind:) Thank you so much! I love my potatoes spicy and glowing and so add quite a generous amount of haldi!

    Divya – Thanks! I appreciate your answering the query! That is one doubt I always have as the texture varies from eggs to eggless to vegan:)

  10. Hahaha!! Asha of two hopes! That’s a good one, thank you. Enjoy your award too!:))

    It’s true, potato dish is the first one most of make when we start cooking because it is fool proof. I don’t add sambhar, must try your way, looks yum!:))

  11. I had something in my blog for u .. hope u checked … great recipe here 🙂

  12. Asha – I love the recipes on both the blogs. This seemed the best way out to treat them on par:)

    Sharmila – Blog visits per day are numbered which is why I did not realize:) Thank U so much!

  13. JZ @ Tasty treats

    potato roast looks delicous, perfect color and the pic composition looks awesome!!

  14. JZ- That meant so much coming from you! I love your pics and food style:)

  15. Congrats on your awards 🙂 Love urullaikizhangu roast should be heaven with thayir chadam and rasam chadam!

  16. Something for you harini on my blog!

  17. delecious potato curry sunshine

  18. yumm potato roast – and congrats on ur awards
    on ur paneer ques – i m no expert – but givin my 2-cents – if it is only paneer (not sandwich) then I immerse it in warm water after frying to keep it soft – these sandwiches, I allowed them to cook for about 5 odd mins so they became soft. Hope that solves your problem 🙂 – and paneer I try to use fresh within 1 week of buying, else it might become chewy/rubbery like u mentioned

  19. Congrats, Harini.
    I don’t remember the first thing I cooked, but this is one dish that wins hands down everytime its made here.

  20. Hi Sunshine Mom! Enjoy your awards! The roast looks brilliant, literally and figuratively 🙂 Laughed at your upma adventures and your Dad’s dismay.

  21. thank you, dear sunshinemom, and congrats.

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