When I read this recipe at Ramya’s Mane Adige, I recalled my Mom mentioning it during my last visit. It seemed to be a craze in Bangalore, with all my Athais/Paternal Aunts having adopted it as a staple breakfast. The recipe is quite similar to Puli Avil Mummy makes except that the avil gets run in the mixer before going into the dish. Apparently thats the only difference.  I loved the look.

The taste, and the fact that it gets done in a jiffy – ideal for the kids short break. I am not going to reproduce the recipe as I have not altered much except for using less than recommended portions of jaggery and tamarind. Go over to Ramya’s for the wonderful recipe :)I was happy that my son could make out the ingredients that went in without my saying anything, and that everyone liked it! Also happy to have discovered another quick short break idea:) Thanks, Ramya!

I am sending this for the July edition of MBP, originated by Coffee of the Spice Cafe. This month’s theme is “Less is more”, guest hosted by Nupur of ‘One Hot Stove’. The basic ingredients are poha (Beaten Rice Flakes), jaggery, tamarind and rasam powder (I gave this a miss). The rest of the ingredients qualify as seasonings.

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  1. Thank you for visiting my food blog and leaving a comment.
    You have so many wonderful posts on here that I couldn’t single one out on which to leave a comment.

  2. i love avalakki! cool recipe – thx

  3. Looks delicious…will try out

  4. Thank you for a delicious entry.

  5. Gojjavalakki looks great, got to make it one day,must taste like Hulianna, right? 🙂

  6. My husb fav avalaki, looks delicious 🙂

  7. Sorry Sunshinemom, it’s long time since I visited your blog. I have lot of posts to look in your blog.

    We also make aval upma this way only, by powdering it a little bit. But adding jaggery is new. Though we prepare vella aval separately. The picture has come out very good.

  8. great pics! gojjavalkki looks great.

  9. Margaret – Thanks for the visit!

    Arundathi – Do try!

    Easycrafts – & let me know whether you really liked it:)

    Nupur – Thanks! I saw your entries – Great!

    Asha – Hulianna? Is that Bisi bele bath. I searched Aroma, and could not find it! Can you leave me a link?

    Cham – Thanks! My family liked this the first time:)

    Madhuram – We have our commitments! I appreciate that you left a comment on each post:) I was a little apprehensive and reduced the jaggery:)

    Andhra Flavours – Thanks! The credit goes to Ramya:)

  10. maybelles parents

    thanks for visiting. do tell me about the mango cupcakes, and you can substitute mango pulp totally for the diced mango. (just use a little less). This recipe is facinating. very different than the poha I grew up with.

  11. The avalakki looks so tasty! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  12. I love GAvalakki. It looks yum there in the pic.

  13. I have searched for this recipe for quite sometime and gave up as I did not come across a recipe that brings a nostalgic feel. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. I am sure it will taste just like how my mom makes it. I will make this today itself.

  14. Maybelle’s parents – Thanks for visiting! Trying them cupcakes today:)

    a & n – Thanks for visiting! I just had a drool session at your blog and I am going to be a regular now:)

    lg – Thanks!

    Mythreyee – So glad your search ends here! Look up Ramya’s for the tangier version!

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