An event announcement!

Do you see life in colours like me? I even dream in colours! It is said colours influence your emotions and moods. Food tastes better with better presentation, and presentation is all about the right confluence of colours.

My food definitely reflects my mood – does yours? Yes? Then do join me in this event called ‘Food in Colours’ where we shall celebrate food with a different colour each month!

I will select a colour each month, and you can send me any vegetarian food, containing the selected colour predominantly. Could be a starter, main course, side dish, a dessert – anything as long as the colour for the month dominates.

The colour for this month & next is red. The rules are quite simple:

1. Raw vegetables are not allowed except if used as such in salads or prepared food!

2. Any number of entries are welcome as long as the posts are done between today and 27.08.08. I added this later as I got a few emails about posts made in July before the announcement of this event. (Thanks, Easycrafts and Kalva!)

3. The food item should be vegetarian which means no eggs.

4. If your food is cooked from any other blog or site please link your post with the name of the blog/site rather than ‘here’. Also link your post to this post announcing the event.

5. Email me at – sunshinemomsblog(at)gmail(dot)com, replacing the (at) with @ and (dot) with . alongwith these details

  • subject line – FIC Red,
  • Your name,
  • The name of your blog and its link,
  • The name of the dish and the link, and
  • A 300pixel wide photograph of the dish.
The last date is 27.08.08 at 10.00a.m. IST.

I would appreciate if you could use the above logo in your post, so that others who visit you will know about it. It is linked to the event announcement.

I shall put up the round up by the first week of September. If you are sending a combination please make sure red is dominant. Have fun all August with RED!

This is the first time I am hosting an event and I need your support to carry on the colour celebrations! Thanks!

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  1. nice theme,..i amin,..

  2. oh what a great idea!! love it – i’m definitely in!

  3. nice event, looking fwd to it….

  4. Excellent idea…My next WYF theme is also based on colours, but just for a month and it can be your favorite colour and not anything specific..I will surely participate in ur event…

  5. nice in.

  6. wow great event I am in

  7. this is a nice theme for an event. Count me in! Best wishes for your first event.

  8. Was wondering about the no-post at your blog. When I saw ur earlier post, I noticed the change in labels and was wondering why based on colors.
    Good luck with your event. Nice theme. Count me in.

  9. Red is one of my favorite colors and it’s also such a zesty, appetite-rousing color! Nice event idea, Harini, and I’ll try and come up with something.

  10. a sure waitin forur post too,..longtime…:-)

  11. Very nice concept Sunshinemom. Will definitely send my entry.

  12. Have you sent a mail to Sailu, to be included in the events calendar? I don’t see yours there. If you don’t know already, use the form there, with the last date and permalink to this post and she will include it there.

  13. A great idea for an event. I’m sure you will make a success of it.

  14. Please let me know if my beet greens usili, posted on July 18th qualifies for this event. Regardless, I’ll send another one too.

  15. That sounds fun! Wonderful event…

  16. Wondering where u went πŸ™‚ Nice event idea πŸ™‚ Love ur theme and specially color RED ! I am in 2 support u πŸ™‚

  17. interesting!!!!!will come up with something!!!

  18. Passionate About Baking

    Great idea S’Mom. You will not believe it, but I thought of the same concept 6 months ago, but the idea of managing an event with the rest of my life was too daunting. Good for you…will definitely post on Red. All the very best for your first event!! Cheers Deeba

  19. Wow!Great idea!Am sure it means natural colours and not synthetic colouring agents πŸ™‚
    Great theme!

  20. Priyanka, Anu, Neha, EC, Rashmi, Rekha, Uma, Jaya, Vaish, Aparna, Sorisha,Cham, Sowmya, Deeba, Sharmila – Thank U all so much for the enthu response. I need you all frnds:)

    Jayasree – I am sort of obsessed with colours – the brighter the better. Hey! Am glad you noticed the change:)

    EC – Nice yaar! I could send in the same recipe to yours and mine:)
    Which character is it in the logo? Doesn’t look familiar

    Vaish – You look smart in this pic, girl! For me red is cool, smart, sassy and passionate and orange is zesty! Looking forward:)

    Priyanka – And here I am!

    Madhuram – I think there is a problem there. My posts are getting updated once in a while. I think Sailu is dealing with many hitches like this one, and she is also trying to rectify them! About the usili, am sorry dear – am taking in entries from 27th onwards. Do post another one:)

    Deeba – I believe you, dear! I was wondering why no such event was there, probably because we already have click and DMBLGIT! Waiting for a rocking entry from you!

    Sharmila – Colors could be any as long as it is used in the food. I mean some items do recommend addition of food color but if you could send in one with natural food colours, it will be really nice and healthy!

  21. That sounds fun! Wonderful event…

  22. This is interesting πŸ™‚ Will definitely try to participate.

  23. Hmmm..thats what I was thinking exactly that I can post for ur and my event at the same time…but just this one month, next month my theme would be different…I took the display image from google…dont think it is a specific cartoon character..Will earlier posted recipes qualify for ur event if I add up ur link there ??

  24. hmm nice event dear

  25. very good idea….will try t o participate

  26. JZ @ Tasty treats

    awesoem event!!! let me see what i can do!

  27. I think, cook and dream in color and I completely love the idea

  28. Nice theme, count me in !!!

  29. That’s a great idea! All the best hosting your very first event.:D

  30. Hey,all you lovely people, thank you so much for the encouraging response…looking forward to your entries:)

  31. lovely idea sunshine… count me in πŸ™‚

  32. Great theme!

    Vegetarian diet is better for the environment!

  33. Hi Sunshine!!!Wonderful idea of choosing colors for the theme!! All the best for ur first event.. Will send u my entry soon…

  34. wowow, i love the colour event, and the colour red, i love it.
    hope to send u an entry soon.

  35. Sia, Kumudha, Karuna & PJ – Looking forward to your entries!

    PJ – I could not get through to your blog. Is it by invitation only?

  36. I like the colour theme, I’ll put my thinking cap on…

  37. I have emailed you my entry for the event πŸ™‚

  38. COLORS….spice of life!
    Count me in!!!

  39. Hi. I am new to your blog. I would love to participate in this. Hope you don’t mind, I added you in my blogroll.
    Happy Cooking.

  40. That is a great theme..And i liked you pretzels very much..And happy hosting your first event..

  41. Thanks dear for highlighting about this event… I am reposting and sending it you shortly:)

  42. Kitchen Flavours

    Red is the color of hunger. Good idea. Iam sending down my post.

  43. Just posted something which I’d like to send in. Will mail you the details when I get a chance tomorrow.:D

  44. Hi Sunshinemom,
    Without colors food would’nt look so appealing. Nice thought for an event. Have just sent in my entry. All the best for the colorful round up.

  45. I just sent in my entry.

  46. What a nice coincidence, I'm also hosting a photo contest with color theme – red & white.

    All of you may submit your entry by August 18th the lates. There're some lucky draws for the winners.
    Have a look here:

  47. Thank you all! For the support:)

  48. this is such a great idea! i will see what i can do. i made some muffins yesterday with red peppers and tomato but they’re not really red enough. some more red perhaps.

  49. Good theme dear will surely send in something…

  50. hi just published first one for the event ceeya happy bloggiin,..:-)

  51. have sent 1 entry..hope u recieved it!

  52. an event is going in my blog also1 do participate in that too!

  53. I’m sending you my sweet entries in red soon

  54. Passionate About Baking
  55. Hi have sent my entry for the event let me know when u recive it…

  56. Just sent you an entry, Harini.

  57. hey, i somehow thought the last date was 30th. just logged in to send you an entry πŸ™

  58. What a great idea. I’m sorry I missed the deadline. What will next month’s color be?

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