Mix fruit – Khao gali se

This post is going to be a quickie! I have been making this punch year after year regularly, because;

  • I love it
  • It is something my friends and I used to eat at the first shop in Khao gali, near Sunderabhai Hall, Marine Lines, Mumbai, and it reminds me of them and the fun we had, now that I am no longer posted in Churchgate.
  • My family loves it as well. 🙂
  • & because it is so easy – it gets done in a jiffy!

All you needs is 2 mangoes (I prefer alphonso), 1/2 an apple, 1/2 a banana, a few raisins, 3 or 4 chopped roasted cashews or almonds, 1 date chopped and you could add just about anything else you like.

The mangoes I used were perfectly right, so I did not add sugar or cream.

Cut, and scoop out the mango pulp. Chop the other fruits. Buzz the scooped pulp in a blender. Add the chopped fruits and nuts and serve chilled.

I cannot recall the name of the juice shop. It is the first one in Khao gali (Foodie’s lane) and calls it mix fruit. It costs about Rs.40/- for one full beer mug, and is a favourite with ladies who fast (during most periods of fasting, people in India live on fruits and do not eat grains, or vegetables).

I make this because it is a power punch and serves as a good substitute to my after noon tea when I feel too hot for tea!

This simple, vitamin packed punch goes to Andrew of SpittoonExtra, who is hosting this month’s edition of Waiter! There’s something in my…dried fruits and nuts” event, hosted alternately by Jeanne of Cook Sister!, Andrew of SpittoonExtra and Johanna Wagner of The Passionate Cook.

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  1. Nice mix fruit punch, i love the pics…..and yes, u still can send in the crumpets for my event….

  2. Thanks, Bhags! I sent the crumpets to BBD. I would have loved to send it for your event! Waiting for the round up!

  3. A perfect refreshing recipe for summer..

  4. I bet that tastes delicious!

    Many thanks for taking part in Waiter.

  5. Hetal – Yes it is! Im busy with that hate meme!
    Andrew – My pleasure!

  6. thats the simplest mixfruit recipe ever! for the weather in miami.. i am sure to have it instead of tea!

  7. Aartee – Welcome! Glad you liked it:)

  8. wow! that’s delicious!

  9. Even i do not remember the name of the shop but it got back memories used to visit Khao gali as college was next door Nirmala Niketan.

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