Aloo chana sookha ~ Spiced Black chickpea and potato Stir-fry

Another quickie – Because I am losing track of the snaps in archives and it is appropriate for Click too!

Click is a monthly thematic photography contest started by Jai and Bee of Jugalbandi, and the theme for May 2008 is beans and lentils.

I like konda kadalai, kale chane or black chickpeas in three ways –

  • The kerala style kadala curry – which remains to be tried out,
  • The one I am posting right now – [this is how it used to be served in that Dharamshala in Varnasi/Benaras when I had gone on a short pilgrimage cum vacation with my parents and grandparents and sisters way back in 1979!]
  • The third one is the kadalai chundal which is a variant of the chundal here.
When I was a kid, we had stayed at a ‘dharamshala’ [MeaningA hostel kind of accomodation provided to travellers at an economical rate for short stays during pilgrimages] in Varnasi. The standard menu a dharamshala follows is roti/puri, rice, runny ma ki dal, and a dry subzi, pickles and curd. I am not sure whether this is correct, but as far as I recall I ate a meal of pooris and aloo chana three times a day for two days, and I remember enjoying it very much too.Another amusing incident that took place was that we had visited a Hanuman Temple in Faizabad/Varnasi, and I had a fistful of roasted chanas in the pocket of my skirt to offer the monkeys. I had hardly strewn a few, when the monkey attacked my skirt and tore the pocket!I will quit rambling and give the recipe.Recipe: Aloo chana sookha ~ Black chickpea and potato sauteIngredients:
Kale chane (Black chick peas) – 2 cups
Soak overnight. Drain, and cook in fresh water with salt till tender.
Potato – 1 medium (Chop into small thin pieces)
Fresh Coriander powder / dhania powder – 2 tsp.
Jeera powder / Cumin seeds pwd – 1/2 tsp.
Amchoor / Dried Mango pwd. – a pinch or to taste.
Red chilli powder – 1/2 tsp.
Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp.
Jeera – 1tsp.
Ajwain seeds – 1/2 tsp.
Oil – 1 tbsp.

Heat oil. Let the jeera splutter. Add ajwain.
Add Potatoes and fry with little salt till cooked.
Add boiled and drained chana and the rest of spices except coriander powder and mix well. Fry till the mixture is dry. Remove from fire.
Add the coriander powder. Mix well and serve with pooris or rice and dal.

I am a little partial to dhania powder, as I like the aroma, and add quite a lot! You may garnish with coriander, but that is a later development to food!

This is traditionally served on saptami and ashtami as an offering along with Sheera or Rawa Kesari. On the seventh and eighth day of Navratri North Indians invite young girls and offer pooja. The pooja itself is known as kanchak, and the little ones called are known as kanchaki devis, as they are believed to be the pure virgin forms of Goddess Durga.

P.S: Simran, thanks for mentioning it. When this dish is prepared for ‘kanchak’ potatoes are not added to the chana.

Sorry – I know that turned out lengthy and not a quickie!

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  1. Oh my! I love brown chana first of all and then this looks so yummy! Never seen this kind of Sukha aloo chana before, very nice girl.I will definitely try it with Luchis!:)

  2. And I shall come running for the luchis!:)

  3. We made black chane (minus the potatoes) twice a year for ashtami. And we love it. But, like all foods traditionally served on a particular day, the recipe is always shelved for the next six months.

    This is such a yummy variation, I am surely going to try it before the next kanchak.

  4. Is that considered as sundal for navarathri? Looks nice this dry kadalai especially with aloo

  5. Simran, I meant to mention that but missed out – am updating, thanks for calling my attention:)
    Cham – I guess we could call it a North Indian sundal…in fact most of our Indian festive dishes are the same throughout but take on new variations and flavors as the recipe moves across the different States, isn’t it?

  6. this look so yummy!!great entry for click!!

  7. wow this looks delicious. Haven’t had kale chane in long time.. don’t get it here.. I used to love having them!

  8. Wow,this looks yummy,I love black chana.

  9. Thanks all
    Dhanggit – I know pics aren’t half as good as the ones you publish..but it feels nice when you compliment:)

    Vandy – I know the feeling…we don’t get so many things here, that I would love to have:)

    Hetal – Me too love chana even if it is just jor garam:)

  10. I love this sukha chana with pooris or even roti

  11. Black chickpeas: I need to find some and try them!

  12. Sandeepa, same here, I love them with curd rice too!

    Simona, Welcome and thanks for the visit:) I was under the impression that black chickpeas are commonly found!

  13. I must say i have never tried or seen black chickpeas. Is this something regional? I don’t even recall seeing it in grocery stores here, in the U.S. This sounds delicious though!

  14. hey!! thanks for dropping by at my blog and giving me another blog to discover yummy recipes at. my mom used to make sukha channa when we were kids and serve it just like this with puris. its been years and years now that she hasn’t made it. somehow i never got around to either trying it myself or asking her how she did it! so me personally it was great to stumb;e upon your recipe!! thanks again!

  15. Lovely dish..and click too.!..hey do something abt this feed of yours..not up to date on yours..:(..

    abt MEC..podis and masals we can do next time..this time its liquid bottled!..:)

  16. Rajani, Welcome! Chalo, isi bahane bachpan ki yaad aa gayee, hai naa?

    Valli, my feed at TOI seems to be going like a rusted car! No idea why, but the feed here on my blog is fine:)

  17. Sukanya Ramkumar

    This is my fav. Love black chickpeas. Ur recipe looks so yum! So different. YUM!

  18. Very nice combi of chana and aloo…

  19. this looks great girl! just sprinkle some chutneys and sev and you are in for a real tasty treat! I think I’ll try this one soon!

    and thanks for the tag…I’ll def try to do it sometime:)

  20. Sukanya, easycrafts – did you notice there are two baby Krishnas there, one after the other?! :). Try this one Sukanya, I am sure you will love it.
    Mansi, you’re right! That will make it truly chatpate!

  21. i love sukha aloo and chana – thanks for the recipe!

  22. Anu – my pleasure. I love your creations too. You have such beautiful variety in your blog, dear!

  23. I am always on the lookout for black chickpea recipes. Thanks for this one. Looks delish.

  24. Suganya – do try it…it is delish:)

  25. This looks great! I made famous Vij's Black Chickpea and Papaya curry which is absolutely outstanding! Sounds like a strange combination perhaps, but not at all! I am definitely going to try yours when I am in a rush … keep the beautiful recipes coming!

    Check out the black chickpea and papaya recipe on my blog here:

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